Next TuneUp: The Truth About Press Releases

TuneUp: "The Truth About Press Releases"

It used to be the best way to introduce or announce a brand, event, product, or service, was to create and distribute a press release. Many times, this leads to paralyzing hours of writers block behind the computer, at the drawing board, or just lost in thought trying to create a perfect masterpiece.

Times. Have. Changed. 

You no longer need to  write a press release.
But if you wanted to, you could hire Tin Shingle to write and send a press release for you!

Feel liberated! Learn about this #TruthBomb in Tin Shingle's next Online Class, "The Truth About Press Releases." We will put that secret, and the power it contains, straight into your hands so you can work at getting more press with less stress!

You Will Learn:

  • What is a Press Release? What does it look like?
  • What do they really do?
  • When should I use one?
  • What opportunities am I missing by using a press release?
  • How else would I communicate with the media?
  • Simple Strategies you should be using instead

Details on How to Stream Coming

Once this storm passes, we'll have the date and time at which this TuneUp can be streamed.

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