New Template! The Client Time Tracker Template

You're doing a great job of networking and getting the word out there, and new clients are signup up for new retainers and special projects! Life is getting busier, and you need to contain it. You'll want to stay ahead of the client work to keep those clients happy, but also to prevent anything from slipping through the cracks, as well as not working too much because you didn't realize just how much you were working for a client, and actually blew past their budgeted hours they purchased from you.

Introducing...The Client Time Tracker Template!

There are a bazillion project management softwares and templates out there. We've tried a few, and to be honest, are happier in Excel spreadsheets that can be accessed at the tips of our fingers via Google Docs/Drive. Sounds nerdy, but they really can be very simple, non-obtrusive, and a perfect place to contain your brain.

Recently, someone asked for "an easy, no bells and whistles client project tracker." This template is just that - an organized place to store what you're doing for a client, who on your team is doing it, your cash flow for paying your team, and future ideas for your client so that you can keep the work flowing forward smoothly.

In this template, you will find:

  • Worksheets for Each Client
    Each client is on a worksheet, and within that, is separated by project, depending on if they pay you per project or monthly retainer.
  • Time and Date for Tracking Completed Work
    What did you do when? Easily chart it in the line items. If you desire, copy/paste those line items into a Status Report you will send your client (you're sending those...right?).
  • Time Remaining for Retainers or Special Projects
    Math formulas are set up that show you how much time is left in a retainer or Special Project
  • Rates
    Different contractors may have different rates with you. Or the same contractor might have a different rate for different work completed. There's a place to track that in this template.
  • Cash Flow
    Those contractors are on it like bonnets, and have submitted invoices to you. How much money is in the bank to pay them? There's a place to track that in this template.
  • Color Coded Status Report Indicators
    We highly recommend you to send your clients monthly or project status reports. A color-coded system is in place to help you see when you've communicated or not to your client. Client Love is important!
  • Lifetime Access to Updates
    Once purchased, you get lifetime access to any updates made to the file.

GAH! No Wonder I'm So Tired and Broke - I Worked Too Much For A Client!

We've gotten this text message before from friends who don't track their time in an easy system for them to access, and they just work and work and work. #werkwerkwerk like that is no fun. When you reach the end of a project, or almost the end of it, you can inform your client, and prompt them into action for purchasing a new set of hours, or keeping their monthly retainer!

Good news! This template is free with an All Access Pass to Tin Shingle's Membership! Or you can purchase it individually and keep it in your personal selection. Any updates or enhancements made to this template are made available to you for free.

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