“Making the Magic” Column In Highlands Current Out Now

Even though I am a blogger, and have been so for many years, I have found it quite uncomfortable writing a personal column! Most of the articles I write for A Litle Beacon Blog or for Tin Shingle talk about a subject that is not me, even though part of my personal experience may be woven into the article. Here at Time Shingle, I let my biases or opinion show more than I do at A Little Beacon Blog, but that’s just a style choice.

For December’s column, I wanted to contribute joy to the world during the season, but wanted to be honest too, because financially and emotionally, it can be a very hard month for people. And those people may stay silent about it in their own night.

Also, what I’ve noticed about the column, is that people love print! They love seeing it in print! My own husband bought me a binder to clip and save these columns into. I don’t think he’s printed any of my blog articles! That’s how I know that print is not dead (ahem, Glamour, I wish you’d change your mind, Ms. Barry! We need your firey fierceness in print!). Actually I noticed this when I started A Little Beacon Blog. My digital publication may reach more people, but print makes a special imprint for people. Even ads, people would clip out.

Therefore I present to you, this month’s column for the Highlands Current , “Kid Friendly,” Out on newsstands now. Last year, I had a Bah Humbug Christmas, and this column explores it. I was trying to get with Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” but instead was vibing “Where Are You Christmas?” sung by Faith Hill from the human Grinch movie (not the cartoon). I made some discoveries, and this year am fully in Making the Magic mode, hence the title of the article, but it took a few adjustments to get there...


Here is a behind the scenes of me writing the column during a night shift of work while my husband put the kids to bed. Or that’s what he was supposed to do anyway :)