Martin Luther King (MLK) Day - How To Recognize As A Brand

In recognition of Martin Luther King Day, we are encouraging our retail friends to put out a message encouraging equality and humanity, and to not put out a Monday holiday sale.

This move was inspired by two things: some national retail chains like RIE who closed on the traditional Black Friday Weekend after Thanksgiving in order to encourage employees and people to focus on the reason for the holiday, and to get outside and enjoy nature. The second inspiration is from the musician and activist Pete Seeger, who was extremely active in raising awareness to civil rights and enviromental issues in my current home town of Beacon, NY. According to The Beacon Free Press publication this week, Pete felt that the day was being forgotten as a day to raise awareness and instead was a day of sales, and worked with the Southern Dutchess Coalition to start a parade march followed by ceremonies celebrating youth, adults and a service. Of course it’s always nice to use a three day weekend to go on a mini vacay, but you get the idea.

So instead of running a sale on Martin Luther King Day, step into a Baptist Church, one of Martin Luther King’s homes and inspirations, and do something out of your regular habits, extending kindness where you might otherwise have overlooked.

Peace and love today.