Airline Magazine's Editorial Calendars Are Here


Do You Want Your Brand Seen By 16 Million Readers

One popular airline magazine reaches an audience of just that many passengers. That is a lot of people! Here are some more reasons you really should be thinking of pitching your brand to them. According to Ink Travel Media:

  • 74% of people read a magazine on the plane
  • Travellers are 50% more engaged reading inflight that when on the ground
  • Travel media has the most affluent readership in the world
  • Inflight media is always inspiring and positive
  • Passenger numbers are growing year on year by 3 to 5%
  • Travel media reaches real people without being a digital distraction
  • All travel media is targeted

Tin Shingle Pumps You With Ideas To Pitch To Inflight Magazines

Tin Shingle provides editorial calendars for these magazines in our live private database. (Access to live lists are for Level 4 members of Tin Shingle only.) These calendars contain story ideas straight from the editor, that will be published in an upcoming issue. These give you a huge head start to tailor your pitch ideas and catch an editor's attention. These magazines are currently live in Tin Shingle's Database:

  • American Way (American Airlines)
  • Hemispheres (United Airlines)

These are soon to come: 

  • Sky Magazine (Delta Airlines)
  • Caribbean Beat (Caribbean Airlines)
  • Rhapsody (United)
  • KiaOra (Air New Zealand)
  • Open Skies (Emirates)
  • Wings (EuroWings Airline)
  • Southwest: The Magazine

We’re Talking About This In the Private Facebook Group Now!

Massive exposure definitely comes from airline magazines. The private community of Tin Shinglers is chatting about ideas now. To access this private community, Level 1 of membership is needed. We made our Community as accessible as possible, so it’s the entry point to getting deeper with your Tin Shingle membership.