How to Get Your Product onto the Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda

How do you get your product on the Today Show?  Practice, practice, practice!  And then, replace the word "practice" with the word "pitch," and you should be good to go!

That said, the Today Show fourth hour has become quite a showcase for interesting, unique or must-have products. Nearly daily, Kathie Lee & Hoda place different products from both indie brands to creations from international corporations on their table, and during their hour long segment they periodically pick one up, show it off, talk about what it is and where to buy it.  This, my friends, is often product placement gold!  The Today Show has a large, loyal audience and getting a plug by either of these two women can bring you instant validation (not to mention a spike in sales).

So how do you get your product on the Today Show?  As with everything in public relations, nothing is ever guaranteed.  However, after placing products on the 4th hour myself, as well as talking to the producer of the 4th hour segment, we have a few tips that will make the road to Today Show fame a little less bumpy for you.

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