Alright, Monday, What You Got For Me?

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Hello and Happy Monday!

Mondays can be deliveries of good news in the form of people following up from outreach you did during the previous week. If you've been building upon your foundation of outreach, then opportunities begin to trickle in to you - which is always the dream. To help you continue to create your own luck, we have some tips for you:

Here's How You're Going To Have A Great Monday

  • Don't Rely On Your Brain
    Make your lists. Have paper in your bag or pocket, and/or your Notes or Calendar app open on your phone. The biggest trap to losing control of a Monday is thinking you know what you need to do, but forgetting the most important parts. Stick to your list. It's your boss.

  • Send That Invoice!
    This has been a re-emerging theme - people who do good work for people, then procrastinate sending the invoice, and then throwing the invoice out the window all together, fearing it too late. It's not! Send the invoice with a smile.

  • Reach Out To That Store aka Wholesale Account
    You need a new account, and now is a good time to reach out. You may close the deal in the new year, or possibly if you're local, the store wants the inventory now if they are having a good holiday season.

  • Do Fitness
    If it's stretching in the middle of the day, a quick set of pushups in the middle of your office, or walking to the grocery store. Move around! Get that blood moving and those those endorphins pumping. A fun stretch to do is the Back Stroke: move your arms in backward circles while sitting down or standing up.

  • Pitch Someone Who Would Be A Great Fit
    If you sell sponsorships, for a university or a foundation or anything, think of a company or individual who would be a great fit to sponsor what you do, and reach out to them. Feel the enthusiasm you see in the partnership, and let that enthusiasm come out in your email to them.

And, Happy Last Night of Hanukkah! Today is going to be a great day, even if you're snowed in down South. Today is Motivation Monday pretty much everywhere, but at Tin Shingle, it's also Money Monday. Go out there and make some. You can do it!

Want These Water Bottles - 50 Strong

We get exposure to so many great products and people designing them! Hello new Tin Shingle Member, 50 Strong ! And they are from Lima, OH to boot! We are OH proud via Cleveland and Columbus!

Thanks to 50 Strong’s social media, we see they participated in a Walmart initiative to highlight Made In America on retail shelves. 50 Strong shared the stage with two other Ohio companies: Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter and RedHead Wine.   

Way to hustle and make it happen!  and welcome to Tin Shingle!


Featuring Your Success Stories for Valentine's Day Gift Guides

Hello and Happy Monday!

If you've been in this game for a while, you'll know that your next big chance for Holiday Gift Guides is happening now - and it's Valentine's Day. This week's live Tin Shingle TuneUp is focusing on how to pitch Valentine's Day Gift Guides. The bigger magazines have already filled this, but you have a chance elsewhere.

We Want To Feature Your Gift Guide Success Story

Did you land a Valentine's Day Gift Guide? Are you a business owner, artist or maker who did this? Are you a PR professional who did this? We want to hear from all of you.

We are sharing success stories during this week's Tin Shingle Training TuneUp - if you send them.
Contact us here with how you did it. Can be a quick email - just let us know! We want to feature your clever tricks.

Glamour Magazine Abandons Monthly Print For Digital Double Down

 Photo Credit: Screenshot of article in  The New York Times.

Photo Credit: Screenshot of article in The New York Times.

In January 2018, the stepping aside of Glamour’s longtime editor in chief, Cindi Leive, became official, and, Samantha Barry, a digitally based  journalist with extensive background in the digital television space at CNN Worldwide as an executive producer for social and emerging media, stepped in. Cindi had also been the editor in chief of Self, another print magazine that ceased printing monthly issues.

Monthly Schedule Not A Thing Anymore At Glamour

Upon her arrival, Samantha reduced the numbers of monthly publications from 12 to 11, gave the print magazine a makeover, completely changing the type treatment of the logo, and on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, announced that the monthly print magazine version of Glamour would cease. 

As first reported by The New York Times, and then The Hollywood Reporter, Samantha stated that she sees no need for a monthly print schedule for the brand anymore. In fact, that Glamour is not just a magazine, that it is a brand. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Samantha stated that Glamour will continue to produce printed editions of its tentpole issues like its “Women of the Year” issue.

In her interview on Cheddar, Samantha is putting Glamour's eggs into the video and event baskets, saying that portions of the Glamour audience are spending more than a minute, sometimes up to half hours on their video content. Being that Samantha comes from the TV world, she is comfortable in this vehicle for storytelling and ad delivery. However, she came from a large cable network - CNN - where their base is TV. In magazines, the base is the book, and the social and the video are the spinoff. Looks like Samantha is bucking this model.

“Doubling Down on Digital”

In her goodbye-to-print email to the editorial staff obtained and quoted by The Hollywood Reporter:  

 "We’re doubling down on digital — investing in the storytelling, service and fantastic photo shoots we’ve always been known for, bringing it to the platforms our readers frequent most. We’ll be expanding video and social storytelling, with new and ambitious series and projects.”

What’s In A Book?

Glamour is committing now to the crowded space of digital with its many mediums, abandoning its loyalty vehicle - the printed book - the magazine. What digital-only producers, editors, and storytellers might not realize is how the printed page carries weight in the hands of their audience. While the people reading the magazine may frequent online spaces more, the printed book helps to define the brand.

According to The New York Times: “Although the number of Glamour’s paid subscribers has remained stable over the last three years, at around 2.2 million, Ms. Barry said it was time for the publication to break away from the printed page.”

The advantage that magazines have over media outlets with no print extension is that they are able to design a deeper experience on the page in the layout of a book. The advantage that digital mediums like blogs have over traditional print is that they understand the online space better and can spread the word farther.

It is the opinion of this writer that the combination of the two - the digital and the print - is an enrichment technique. I say this as a blogger. I am a digitally based producer of content who sees the emotional reactions of people to the printed page, vs the online experience. While the online experience may have more exposure with a larger footprint, the emotional imprint is still there for the printed page. Thereby making the digital version of print even more valuable.

Glamour magazine is in the Condé Nast family. It was founded by the Condé Nast father himself as a vehicle for storytelling of Hollywood Glamour. The magazine’s direction has changed since then, as Glamour has taken on more of an empowerment and educational role for women. Add this move to its evolution.

Vogue’s famed editor in chief, Anna Wintour, is the artistic director for Condé Nast. According to The New York Times article, she enthusiastically supports the release of Glamour magazine’s printed edition, as she did for the ceasing of the printed editions of Self and Teen Vogue. Would Anna encourage the stopping of monthly printing for Vogue magazine? Could you imagine such a thing?

In the Cheddar interview, Samantha acknowledges that there are advertising dollars for print ads, and less so for banner ads on the internet. Branded content can make up for that, as it’s storytelling vs static visual. However, the desire for brands to place print ads still exists, and they are still effective in the impression they leave behind. Therefore, what does it mean to other magazines when a heavy hitter in the industry like Glamour leaves? One answer could be that print ads in existing magazines get more valuable, as there are fewer print outlets. Hence, a possible enthusiastic support by one editor in chief for the decision to abandon print by another editor in chief.

What Does Digital Glamour Mean for Businesses, Artists + PR?

What does this mean for business owners, artists and makers trying to get featured in Glamour? It means a few things:

Pitching Glamour just got more fractured.
You will be pitching tiny corners of Glamour, and by corners I mean video segments, contributing writers and social media handlers. See Tin Shingle’s Training TuneUp here with a contributing writer at GQ and others about how she approaches writing assignments. There may be assignment editors who see everything at the very top line, but they are seeing the overall message delivery for several media mediums. Pitching can be more frequent, different and specialized as you reach more media creators for Glamour. How a feature on your business will get produced has increased in variety.

Crossover for visual storytellers in video and TV just got better.
Opportunities increased for video segments. While writers may still be there to help write the script - if there is one - video editors and producers may be more involved here.

On-Air experts and TV personalities may also have an increased role to play.
The host of a segment will usually be delivering and guiding the segment. Tin Shingle’s Media Contact Lists include a search filter for On-Air Experts, making it easy for you to focus on pitching these types of media creators.

Editorial Calendar FAQs :: "Will 2018 Work For 2019?" and "Do you post PDFs?"


Editorial Calendar FAQs

Everyone is scampering around, searching for next year's Editorial Calendars that the magazines post for 2019. During this time, a few questions have come in. You're going to want to know this as you prepare for what and when you want to pitch magazines:

What is an Editorial Calendar?

An Editorial Calendar is a pre-plan that a magazine puts out to let people know where they are going with each issue. Because it's a projection a year in advance, things do change, especially with a weekly magazine. But for the most part, the magazines stick to their grand plan. It's what is between the lines that you are trying to get into and featured in! Magazines also post sponsorship opportunities that can be very good placements for your business. Tin Shingle recommends both advertising and organic editorial. After all, without advertising, there would be no magazine. More importantly, however, the advertising has gotten very good over the years with branded content and niche opportunities.

Can I use last year's 2018 Editorial Calendar?

Heck no! This has been the most surprising question of all. In fact, some media agencies have re-posted 2018 Editorial Calendars to their websites as PDFs, and slapped a 2019 over top. We discovered this during our own online research. Right away, the very unique themes looked familiar. How did we know so quickly? Because every month at Tin Shingle during our "What To Pitch This Month" TuneUp webinar, we go over the best themes with you, encouraging you to pitch an idea to get featured in a print magazine.

Take a look at these two Editorial Calendars from Time Magazine, for instance. You'll see super general similarities, like when Mother's Day is, or Back to School, but that's it:  Time Editorial Calendar 2018    vs   Time Editorial Calendar 2019

Where does Tin Shingle get their Editorial Calendars?

Straight from the magazines themselves. If it doesn't come from the magazine, we don't use it. If the Editorial Calendar is not posted on the magazine's website, we email into someone at the magazine. We want to know about the best editorial and sponsored opportunities, and we only trust the most reliable source: someone on staff.

Does Tin Shingle post Editorial Calendars as PDFs?

No. We transpose the information into our searchable database. You get to look through an easy list of themes, organized by title of magazine, and area of interest.

Do you need an Editorial Calendar to pitch a magazine with an idea?

Not at all! Especially if you've been reading the magazine to be up on what they are covering, you can email them an idea at any time. Having an Editorial Calendar gives you top-line guidance of what direction the magazine is headed in each month or week.

My business is too small to be written about in a magazine, right?

Not at all! Magazines of all kinds would want to write about your or your business. They just need to be led to the water, and you're going to lead them. Start listening to Tin Shingle's TuneUps to tune your mind into this way of thinking so that you can start generating buzz in the media.

If you work for a larger company, or if you run that larger company, then you already know this, and your wheels are turning for how to get media coverage.

Keep going!

It's Here :: The Time Tested Snow Day Survival Kit For Working From Home With Kids

Have been wanting to publish this Snow Day Survival Kit article for a year now! There were too many snow days last year to do it. So now on this first snow day in November, 2018, during this mega-storm that hit the Northeast, it has been written!

I’m still in the Snow Day, so a more proper blog post about this could not be written, but you can get to the article here by clicking here.

Early Winter Schedule of Training TuneUps Is Available!

Early Winter Schedule Of TuneUps

It's here! The schedule of upcoming Training TuneUps, and our new Personalized TuneUps. Set aside 3pm EST (almost) every week as your must-focus time on getting the word out about your brand. Visit Tin Shingle's Scheduleat any time at our website for registration links or new class listings.

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January 23, 2019
Week 5:To Be Announced (wanna be a Guest Expert?)
January 30, 2019

PR Special Opp: Lead for 4 Holiday Gift Guides

Holiday Gift Guides for


These Gift Guides are for Ziff Davis' website

These guides will feature gifts from Entrepreneurs and Small Business Made products.

For each of these guides, there is no price point requirement (can be high-end or low-end, pricey or budget-friendly).

Bonus: if your product is on Amazon, Nordstrom, or Etsy, media outlets like this because they are on the take for the affiliate link now. So, include this info if you have it, but it is not necessary. A high-resolution picture of your product on a white background is required.

ASAP (today) 11/12/2018
THEMES: The themes of the Gift Guides that they are looking for are:

  • Gifts For Entrepreneurs

  • Gifts For Everyday Unsung Heros (dog walker, hairdresser, babysitter, etc)

Wednesday, 11/14/2018

  • Gifts that Boost Your Mood & Lower Your Stress

  • Gifts for the Trendy Fashionista


Tin Shingle has prepared tips for the best way to pitch your product to this contact, including exactly how your email should be set up.

Email and further details are available to Level 4 Tin Shingle Members.

If you are an All Access Level 4 Member, then log in right now and view this PR Lead here.

Upgrade or Start a Pro Membership now if you haven't already!

Tin Shingle is not affiliated with any lead unless otherwise specified.

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What To Pitch The Press: November

Get ideas for what print magazines are looking for now (aka Long Lead), then blogs and websites (Short Lead), and hot news trends you can piggy back on for quickie articles at your website or others, and your social media.

BONUS: "But pitching doesn't work for me": This question will be discussed during the TuneUp, with suggestions on what to change in your pitching to the media.

BONUS: "But why would any magazine feature me?": This question will be discussed during the TuneUp, with myth-busters on why any business should want - and get - media coverage. Be you a website designer, jewelry designer of single pieces, or anything.


Trick Or Treat:

5 Tricks for PR, Instagram, SEO

This TuneUp was originally recorded on Halloween, thus the Halloween inspired Tricks and Treats you're going to get for doing your own PR and Instagram posting. This was a quick TuneUp because there was costuming to be done! Get PR and Instagram Tricks, and what might make for some Rotten Candy PR!