Happy Money Monday! Here Are Money-Themed Editorial Calendars Coming Up...

Happy Money Monday!

We dedicate this Money Monday to Editorial Calendars having to do with money. What is an Editorial Calendar? It's the magazine's plan for how they are putting together their upcoming issue. This is your big chance at knowing when the coveted "Best Colleges" issue is, or "Ultimate Guide to Retirement". It's your big clue and helps you create relevant pitch ideas to email into these publications. Tin Shingle Members with the All Access Pass of Membership at Level 4 get instant access to these Editorial Calendars that Tin Shingle goes out and collects for you. Makes your research much zippier!

Maybe your business is a fit for one of these themes, and if it is, you should spin yourself up an angle and come up with a great reason why a feature on your business would fit well in these print magazines!

Coming up at Bloomberg Businessweek:

  • Focus on Security
  • Focus on Small Biz/ Pursuits: Fall Fashion
  • Double Issue: Cities
  • Problem Solvers
  • Focus on Retirement/ Pursuits: Skiing
  • Focus on Manufacturing
  • Focus on Small Biz
  • Focus on Wellness
  • Focus on Cloud/ Pursuits: Holiday Gift
  • Focus on BSchools

Coming up at Money Magazine:

  • Best Colleges + Paying for College
  • Best Places to Live
  • Ultimate Retirement Guide
  • How to Make More Money in 2019

Sneak Peek at Tin Shingle's Editorial Calendar Database

You too could be sifting through these database for ideas. Here's what it looks like when you're looking for what we have for a particular magazine. Upgrade now to our All Access Pass of Membership at Level 4 get instant access! You can always downgrade to Level 1 Community to stay hooked in with our private community group to chat with each other.

Every week, Tin Shingle adds new Editorial Calendars and updates names in the Media Contact Database. Here's what happened lately:

New Editorial Calendars:

Natural Solutions
First for Women
Arthritis Today
The Atlantic
Bloomberg Businessweek
Men's Journal
Vanity Fair

Updated Media Contacts:

Having names of writers and editors at your fingertips makes your research that much easier. These are available to Tin Shingle Members with the All Access Pass of Membership at Level 4:
Fast Company
Fortune Magazine
Men's Journal
...and others

New Template: PR Planner & Tracker for Organized Outreach to the Media


New Template: PR Planner & Tracker for Media Outreach

They key to getting PR is to actually pitch the media. Chances are, you have several brilliant ideas of why Good Morning America or Inc. Magazine should feature you or your business. All you need to do is tell them about it.

They key to that is simple planning. If you haven't pitched the media in the last 30 days, then you should listen to this Training TuneUp: "Breaking Through PR Blockage". Most importantly, you need to plot out your ideas and tick them off one by one each time you pitch. Easiest way to do that is to plot your ideas in Tin Shingle's newest template, the "PR Planner & Tracker for Media Outreach".

In the PR Planner & Tracker template spreadsheet, you will find:

At-A-Glance Media Landscape

In one place, see your plans for when you want to pitch a print magazine like Entrepreneur, and what you want to be pitching blogs or local TV. Because these media types work in different cycles, the content will vary drastically. TV and blogs may be working on Summer subjects, but print magazines are working on Fall and Winter subjects. Keep things straight on this at-a-glance sheet.

Idea Sheets

Once you have your at-a-glance plans down, go into specifics on the idea sheets for each media outlet type. Track your ideas for magazines on one sheet, and your ideas for bloggers on another. Input your intended Media Contacts right there, and a column for if you pitched that idea or not.

Color Coordinated

Individual idea sheets are color coordinated with the At-A-Glance Media Landscape.

Pitching Log

Pitching the media can become a game of numbers. The more you pitch, the more your chances increase of getting picked up. Track each time you pitch and followup in one sheet - the Pitching Log.

Removing Rejection Syndrome

When you pitch the media, you often won't hear back from them. That's OK. But the silence can hurt. Remove this per-occupation by pitching several different media outlets, and following up with them. When you begin pitching a lot, you won't think about who didn't get back to you and why. They will simply be in your rotation of who you want to pitch when.

Snapshot of the PR Planner & Tracker:

The At-A-Glance Media Landscape will help you get your big picture view of what you should be focusing on for each month.

pr planner screenshot 1 1000.jpg

Detail your pitching plans in dedicated worksheets for each media outlet. Shown here is the "Magazines to Pitch" worksheet. Put your intended magazine contacts and ideas for them here.

pr planner screenshot 2 1000.jpg

Tracking writers as they move around is very important. You can do that from a worksheet in Tin Shingle's PR Planner & Tracker. Contributing Writers are looking for content for several magazines at once. A writer may be a very good fit for your brand. You'll want your business to be top-of-mind for when they need to highlight a product or seek advice from an expert.

pr planner screenshot 3 1000.jpg

Two Ways to Get The PR Planner & Tracker for Media Outreach

  1. Buy It: Purchase it here and have Forever Access as we make updates to it. Simply download the latest version.
  2. Get it for Free: All Access Pass Level 4 Members of Tin Shingle get this planner for free. Learn about membership here.

Weekend Reading: Curled Up With Architectural Digest

Weekend 📖 reading known as Media Monitoring or PR Homework in these parts at Tin Shingle.

Flipping through the gorgeous pages of Architectual Digest and settling in on a feature of a Hudson Valley home in Croton on the Hudson, the Neumann House by Marcel Breuer.

The best way to pitch a magazine is to know its writing and editorial style as well as you would know your closest friend and how they like things. The easiest way to do that is by subscribing to the magazine in print. If you want a magazine to even exist in print to feature your business and inspire you, then support it with a paid subscription. Read it on paper and experience it in the way it was designed.

For all you advertisers out there - if you have paid for branded content or a roundup or a group full page ad - bravo to you. Advertisers keep the magazines in business to keep the editorial cycle spinning. Somethings got to pay those photographers, writers and editors! 


New Hashtag for Women’s Health: #WHStrong - Show Your Fitness Moves!

We have spotted a hashtag you Fitness fanatics can use, and updated Tin Shingle’s Hashtag Cheat Sheet in the section called “Magazines - What Magazines Are Using Now” with a new hashtag that Women’s Health Magazine is using: #WHStrong.

Use it to show your strength during a workout! This is actually a motivation to DO a cool fitness idea 🤣🤽🏽‍♀️🥇 Find other hashtag ideas suggested by print magazines in Tin Shingle’s Hashtag Cheat Sheet located in our forum called The Boards. Community Membership Level 1 Required. They just might print your photo!



Updated Media Contacts in Tin Shingle's Member Center

PicMonkey Collage-3.jpg

Tin Shingle's All Access Pass Members (Level 4) have access to thousands of media contacts from hundreds out outlets.  These can be searched in Tin Shingle's member center by outlet, industry, or areas of interest to be able to find the best editor to share your products, initiatives and more with. Here is a look of some titles that have been recently updated or added:

  • Arthritis Today
  • Better Homes and Gardens
  • Bon Appétit
  • Cooking Light
  • Crain's New York Business
  • ELLE
  • Entrepreneur
  • Fast Company
  • Fortune
  • Glamour
  • Inc
  • Instyle
  • Men's Journal
  • Rolling Stone
  • Real Simple
  • Redbook
  • The New York Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Working Mother

Sneak Peek:

Here is an example of how the contacts look in Tin Shingle's member center and how you can search them.


ELLE Media Contacts Updated in Tin Shingle's Collection

New Media Contacts for ELLE Magazine have been updated to Tin Shingle's Member Center.  A quick tip for you: start with gatekeepers (i.e. Editorial Assistants, Staff Writers) and then begin to build relationships with editors who resonate with your brand. Not every email may land you a spot in a magazine but it is a step closer!

For immediate access...Subscribe or login to Tin Shingle's Membership Level 4 Media Lists All Access Pass to unlock now.  People in the media industry move around often. If you can't find who you are looking for, email a request and Tin Shingle's team will promptly research it for you and update the collection.

Sneak Peek: 

Hashtag Homework: #MemorialDay in Tin Shingle's Hashtag Cheat Sheet

Memorial Day is a day that is both heavy and light, where we in the United States are honoring the fallen, as well as kicking off the unofficial start of summer. These two concepts are total opposites, but as a culture, we have merged to do both! At Tin Shingle, we have collected hashtags people are using now to gain exposure to their brand, and we want you to have them at your fingertips as you are out and about today, snapping photos for Instagram and Twitter, and circulating those social media updates in the best hashtags for wider exposure.

Memorial Day Hashtags in Tin Shingle's Cheat Sheet Include:

  •     Hashtags to Honor the Fallen
  •     Hashtags to promote Sales and Start Summer

Community Level 1 Members of Tin Shingle have instant access to all of these hashtags in our Hashtag Cheat Sheet section of "The Boards" (which are Tin Shingle's private forums). If you love your Tin Shingle, you should consider stepping it up a notch to hook into our Community for richer tools like this one!

GET THIS LIST: If you are a Community Member and up, log in and access the hashtag list right here.

QUICK-DRAW TIP: Look at this hashtag list in our Member Center, and copy and paste those that will work for you today onto your phone, like in Notepad for iPhones, Evernote or a Google Doc. Then you'll have them at the ready when you post that picture of a flag, parade, monument, or just a watermelon at a BBQ.

Digital Content Strategy Tip

No matter what your business is, think about how it can participate in the day.

  • If your website is all about women and aging, consider an article focusing on military women.
  • If you yourself are in the military, highlight an experience from your life today. How does it impact your business and your family? If you're overcome with gratefulness or if you go to a ceremony, highlight that.
  • If you sell a product, take a picture of it in red, white and blue and share it as a salute.

Begin Brainstorming

Begin brainstorming now by tapping into Tin Shingle's Community Membership Level 1 for immediate access.

Here's a sneak peek of what the Hashtag Cheat Sheets look like, and how easy they are to search:

So About Those Privacy Policy and GDPR Emails...


What Is This GDPR All About?

As a regular person, you are probably getting lots of email from companies you know - or don't know - telling you they updated their Privacy Policy, or are asking you to opt-in to continue following their newsletters.

As a business owner, you are probably getting email alerts from companies you pay services for or use to run your business, such as MailChimp, Squarespace, Typepad, Google Analytics, Recurly, PayPal, MindBody, and many others.

A huge law was created in the EU back in 2016 that demands major protections for people from companies who collect their personal information on the Internet and use it in some way. That law gave everyone 2 years to comply, and the Big Day of Compliance starts tomorrow, Friday, May 25, 2018. Even though it was created for people in the EU, it applies to businesses everywhere who may have clients or readers in the EU. Plus, laws like this tend to be mimicked later on by other countries years later, like the US.

Where Should You Start?

Maybe you have started complying already. If you work at a large company with a legal department and IT team, you have probably been at this for two years. If you're an attorney, you're probably well versed in what different companies need to do to be in compliance.

If you're neither of those, you're going to need to start reading, and we have a few recommendations for you. Businesses who need to pay close attention to this are those who do things like:

  • Accept money over the internet.
  • Collect email addresses into a list or lists and then email those lists.
  • Move an email list from one place to another, like from a shopping cart to a newsletter program.
  • Target people by using a 3rd party Internet program that "profiles" people by watching their behavior on your website or newsletters, and reporting back on what readers or customers did or didn't do, and how you can market to them in a most exact way.
  • Use marketing tools like "pixels" from other websites like Facebook or Google Analytics to better understand what people are doing on your website, or to re-market to them.
  • And lots of other things. These are only a few.

Start at the Very Beginning

We like to start at the very beginning. With the actual law. You can find that here (thanks goes to my cousin Will Hellmuth who is an attorney with Davis Write and Tremaine LLP who sent this link:

That firm wrote a great guide that gives a helpful overview of GDPR prep:
"Time To Update Your Privacy Policy for GDPR"

MailChimp, who many of you use for sending newsletters, has also provided helpful information from their legal counsel:
"New MailChimp Tools to Help With GDPR"

Listen to the Articles!

This is all a lot to read. So we recommend listening! Have your Firefox browser read it to you. Install this new plug-in from Firefox, and with the click of a button, a lady will read a web page to you. Wash dishes. Fold laundry. Go fishing. Knit something. So helpful!

Bring your membership beyond this article, and subscribe to our Community Membership Level 1. You'll be able to connect with other Tin Shingle Members in our Private Facebook Group and forums we call "The Boards."

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time, so if you're ramping up your PR efforts and want Media Contacts, or if you want to stream all of the TuneUps for free, you can do these things - on your terms.

Packaging Will Be Important When Pitching Magazines for Holiday Gift Guides


While perusing Instagram one evening, I saw this beautiful photo of white roses arranged neatly in a stark black box. I’d already slated in Tin Shingle’s Content Planner to write about Packaging as upcoming prep work for your Holiday Gift Guide Pitching to Magazines, and doing it via a re-gram from a Tin Shingle Member seemed cherry-on-top-awesome.

A Tin Shingle member who runs the PR agency, Great Her Good enforced to her following that packaging is everything. See her full message below.

Tin Shingle has started alerting you to the upcoming Holiday Gift Guide Pitching Season - where you email magazine editors with a carefully worded email planting the idea that they might include your product in their Holiday Gift Guide this winter.

Sending samples will be an important component to this. Don’t skimp on the packaging. The investment will be worth it for getting ink (coverage in print media like magazines and newspapers), and customer purchases who buy from you at markets and retail stores.


Message from Jackie of Great Her Good:

#Repost @greathergood with @repostapp 



My clients can hear me now, it's all about the packaging and presentation! How you put yourself, your biz and your passion out there.

🚫Bad Packaging? No PR.

✅Great Packaging? Great PR.

Have you ever seen a beautiful package for something on the shelf and it catches your eye? I bet you've even purchased it if the messaging had enough pull. This is a set of 16 beautiful roses, but they cost 10X more than a dozen roses from the grocery store. (Plus, they last for a year, so it's totally worth it!) It's all about how you present your offerings to your customer.

How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 on the packaging and presentation scale?

Image via @venusetfleur


What To Do Next

1. Join Tin Shingle’s Community Level of Membership to talk more about this in our private Facebook Group or Forums aka The Boards.

2. List your business in Tin Shingle’s Business Directory for a chance to be re-grammed like this by joining our Directory Listing Level.

3. Join Tin Shingle’s membership at the All Access Media List Level 4 that includes instant access to over 3,000 Media Contacts and over 80 Editorial Calendars to help you plan your media outreach and execute it. Browse through our lists to get on-point ideas of editors and writers to pitch.

Training TuneUp Road Trip to East Fishkill Library

Tonight, Tin Shingle’s owner, Katie Hellmuth Martin, delivers a Digital Marketing Presentation in partnership with SCORE Mentors Dutchess County at the East Fishkill Public Library District. It's the Tin Shingle Training TuneUp on the road. Road Trip! She will reveal: “8 Things I Learned About Marketing After Deleting the Facebook App From My Phone.” Come! Pre-register, as space is extremely limited.

When: Tuesday May 22 at 6:30 to 8:00 PM
Where: East Fishkill Library - 348 NY-376, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533
How Much: Free