"I Did My Best, And My Best Is Good Enough." - Hannah Beachler's Message For Everyone

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Oscars Come At The Perfect Time

Just when we're in the doldrums of winter, the Oscars come at the perfect time to deliver inspiring messages from the acceptance speeches.

Just when you think you're not doing enough (meanwhile you've been doing just about very everything you could be doing within your structure of time), remember the words of Hannah Beachler, the first African-American to be nominated for - and win - Best Production Design. Hannah won the Oscar for Best Production Design for "Black Panther." In her acceptance speech, Hannah quoted advice she was given from “a very wise woman” that keeps her moving forward:

"I did my best, and my best is good enough."

Kids in elementary school are taught this in school, and it's one of the healthiest messages to hear. Hannah is proof that it works. Your best will look different than everyone else's. That is good enough, and will reward you.


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Alright, Monday, What You Got For Me?

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Hello and Happy Monday!

Mondays can be deliveries of good news in the form of people following up from outreach you did during the previous week. If you've been building upon your foundation of outreach, then opportunities begin to trickle in to you - which is always the dream. To help you continue to create your own luck, we have some tips for you:

Here's How You're Going To Have A Great Monday

  • Don't Rely On Your Brain
    Make your lists. Have paper in your bag or pocket, and/or your Notes or Calendar app open on your phone. The biggest trap to losing control of a Monday is thinking you know what you need to do, but forgetting the most important parts. Stick to your list. It's your boss.

  • Send That Invoice!
    This has been a re-emerging theme - people who do good work for people, then procrastinate sending the invoice, and then throwing the invoice out the window all together, fearing it too late. It's not! Send the invoice with a smile.

  • Reach Out To That Store aka Wholesale Account
    You need a new account, and now is a good time to reach out. You may close the deal in the new year, or possibly if you're local, the store wants the inventory now if they are having a good holiday season.

  • Do Fitness
    If it's stretching in the middle of the day, a quick set of pushups in the middle of your office, or walking to the grocery store. Move around! Get that blood moving and those those endorphins pumping. A fun stretch to do is the Back Stroke: move your arms in backward circles while sitting down or standing up.

  • Pitch Someone Who Would Be A Great Fit
    If you sell sponsorships, for a university or a foundation or anything, think of a company or individual who would be a great fit to sponsor what you do, and reach out to them. Feel the enthusiasm you see in the partnership, and let that enthusiasm come out in your email to them.

And, Happy Last Night of Hanukkah! Today is going to be a great day, even if you're snowed in down South. Today is Motivation Monday pretty much everywhere, but at Tin Shingle, it's also Money Monday. Go out there and make some. You can do it!