Mom Entrepreneurs

Special Opportunity: Mom Entrepreneurs Who Need Investment

DEADLINE: April 30, 2019

A major morning television show has partnered with a successful female entrepreneur with the hopes to change the businesses of a fellow female entrepreneur(s) who are struggling in their business. This would be for an upcoming May episode, conveniently close to Mother’s Day.

The entrepreneur working with the show on this project is a mom who turned a small financial gift from a family member into a multi-million dollar business. She is hoping to impact and invest in other mom-run business owners. Applicants must be a mom (or mom-to-be) to apply for this opportunity.

The ideal candidates are moms with product-based businesses who are struggling to "make it" with their business. Single and/or struggling moms come from a situation similar to the show's successful mentor and she's drawn to support them. Your business must have a need and desire for an investment of financial support. Maybe you're running out of money to keep the dream alive, or you've realized that if you don't get help soon you'll have to dip into your savings.

To submit, you'll need to supply a 20-30 second light and cheery video of you stating why you need this. Contact Details are available to All Access Members of Tin Shingle.