The Case of the Broken Bobby Pin


As you reflect upon how to make change in the beginning of this new year, there are obstacles or bad habits you'll need to clear from last year. How will you know what those are? Let this analogy shed some light and help you make change...

In the dish it sat, bent open looking like a special comb that was used to secure a special hair bun that I don’t know how to twist. My fingers flicked it out of the way to get closer to the closed black bobby pins that would hold my bangs back in an instant for the day. Wish I knew how to use that wide open bobby pin, I thought to myself.

But wait - that’s no special bobby pin - it’s a broken bobby pin that I keep staring at and moving aside. Why is it here? Why am I allowing it to clutter my dish? Gone - to the trash it went! To clear the way from clutter and help the mind see clearly. Reclaimers - don’t try to talk me out of it! I keep enough things with the intent of someday reusing them. This bobby pin dish must be clear!

This is the breakthrough moment I’ve mentioned on TuneUps before, when you’re looking for paths to clear, or new designs to improve an online sales funnel, but you’re blocked as to what needs fixing. You know there is a problem, but you can’t put your finger on it. Chances are, you keep staring at it, but your mind has justified it, so it doesn’t stand out as a problem.

To train your mind to find the problem areas in your business, watch for these simple opportunities around your house or office.  Once you spot them, clear them, and then return to the area of your business that you are trying to improve. Look at it with fresh eyes, and pinpoint the part that bothers you. As pretty as it is, what’s its deal? If it’s bucking a feeling, it needs tossed and/or replaced.

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