How To Pitch 1 Story Idea 2 Ways - Getting The Most Out Of Your Great Ideas

Pitching the media takes time. And you have great ideas! You can repurpose those ideas to get a lot of mileage out of them. Maybe you sell PVC. Or maybe you are a home improvement expert looking to get featured in a story in a magazine or TV. You’re going to spend time thinking up really cool story angles to pitch to the media outlet of your dreams - but the pitching doesn’t need to end there. You can stretch these pitches out to work for different outlets.

How DIY Sprinklers Work For Martha Stewart and Boys’ Life

Look at the example that published in Boys’ Life: “How To Build A PVC Sprinkler For Summertime Fun.”

The words “PVC” and “Build” are very Boys’ Life. They like to work with this material. These terms are not very Martha Stewart friendly terms, but “Sprinkler” is, as is “Make Your Own” or “DIY.”

You know what else Martha Stewart and other DIY magazines like? Repurposing old stuff. So, this article concept, when pitched to Boys’ Life could include the words “PVC” and “Build” in it.

But, when pitched to Martha Stewart or another DIY magazine with a primarily female audience, could read like this:

“How To Repurpose Your Kid’s Soccer Goal Into A Backyard Sprinkler”

See the difference? These word choices are what we discuss in Tin Shingle’s Pitch Whisperer Club when member submit their pitch drafts for feedback.

Join us! Get in here with your pitch ideas, and let’s see you get some media coverage.