This Week's Power Hour TuneUp: Last In The PR Challenge Series


PR Challenge
Members-Only TuneUp

When: Wednesday, June 26th
Time: 12pm EST
Where: At your computer or on your phone.
How: Follow the directions on this page to get the registration link.
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Week 4 of 4 For The PR Challenge
Drop-Ins Welcome

All-Access Members of Tin Shingle are challenged to come to this 1hr Power Hour with 1 PR Goal. We are going to pull focus on it. This is week 4 of 4. Drop-ins welcome!

How It Works:

1. Media Outlet: Pick 1 area where you want the press: Magazine, TV, Blog, Podcast. We are going to look ahead to plan out what would be timely for your pitching.

2. Business Angle: Pick 1 aspect of your business you want to generate PR for.

3. Story Angles: We are going to think up story angles, and you are going to start writing the pitch.

Meanwhile, you are going to submit your email pitch drafts to Tin Shingle's Pitch Whisperer in our Community section.

Join in! Membership required. Activate membership first, then hit this link to get the registration.

Up Next: Social Media Challenge

For those who want to spice up their social media (or put anything into it at all), the next set or Power Hour TuneUps will be for you. If you insist on bringing some PR goals, we won't fight you :)

Success Stories:

Shifts happen during these private TuneUps. It's like group private training! If you put it out there, you'll surprise yourself at what can happen next.

  • Paula Kustra, founder of secured a feature story with a hyper local website in Houston just before she was set to go to tape a morning show segment also featuring her company's bag styles. During the PR Challenge, as a group, we worked out how she could approach the writer, who had been delaying the story, to turn that delay into a publish. Our strategy worked!

  • Laura Borland, creator of Vyllage, the app that connects neighbors to receive your packages for you, was featured on a local TV station in her hometown of Florida. How'd she do it? "Repetition and Intensity. I followed Katie's advice after the members-only TuneUp and made a commitment to send my pitch to at least 25 journalists everyday. I used your PR Planning & Tracker to know who I had contacted.

  • Sierra Bailey, jewelry designer and creator of Manic Trout, landed herself a host position at a major cable network for a crafting show. All because she was brainstorming new ways to get the word out, and what she personally wanted to tap into.

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