Martha Stewart Weddings 2019 Editorial Calendar Is Here - And You've Got 1 Chance!

martha stewart weddings editorial calendar 2019.jpeg

This Is Your One Chance For Martha Stewart Weddings!

Last summer, the publisher for Martha Stewart Weddings (Meredith) announced that it would reduce the magazine’s print run to just one issue per year - the Special Issue. That time is now. Well, that time for you business owners, photographers, beauty experts, makeup mixologists, bridal boutiques, and the rest of the wedding industry is now because the sole issue of Martha Stewart Weddings is being put together now, to be on magazine shelves in November 2019, right after Thanksgiving when those cozy family bonding moments turn to the beginnings of wedding planning.

Tin Shingle has the 2019 Editorial Calendar for Martha Stewart Weddings in our Editorial Calendar Catalogue for our business and artist members to browse through, in addition to the 100 other editorial calendars are in there.

You’re Going To Cold Pitch Martha Stewart Weddings

Like any editorial calendar, this one is going to give you a broad direction of what the editors are looking for to inspire their brides. They want makeup, hair, destinations, must-haves for any registry. Who you should pitch, and with exactly what, will not be spelled out. This is where your clever brain activates into high gear, and you think up the “why” and discover the “who” of who best to pitch.

Martha Stewart Weddings Contacts Updated In Tin Shingle

People are always changing jobs in the media, so Tin Shingle’s research team is always sprucing things up in our Media Contact Library. We just revisited this group, so if you’re an All Access Pass Member of Tin Shingle, you can log in and begin looking at who works where, and who might be the most appropriate person for your pitch.

How To Pitch?

We know, it can be scary! But it can be really fun, too. Just follow these guidelines:

  • Be super honest with yourself - is your product really a good fit for the pages of Martha Stewart? Is it “So Martha”?

  • Do you have beautiful pictures of it ready? Some with no background or a white background?

  • Deep breaths - the writers and editors are people just like you. You can be friendly and upbeat.

  • Are you an expert in your field? Do you have something to contribute to the false eyelashes trend and when to go big and when to apply blue lashes instead of black? Pitch yourself in as an expert, and include short bullet points of your tips. Really let the writers into your brain.

  • No need to write the article. This is hard - especially if you are an actual writer. Refrain from writing the article - just present an outline with bullet points and a picture.

  • Everyone should submit a picture. Even if you’re an expert.

  • Listen to any of Tin Shingle’s TuneUps that focus on pitching the media. We’ll give you the courage to do this, and the strategy.

The Magazine Lives On Shelves

These Special Issues are being sold in stores, and aren’t as readily available via subscription anymore. People will need to seek them out at Barnes and Noble, Walmart, etc. The “book” aspect of them is becoming greater, as people need to hold onto these Special Issue magazines if they like the reading experience. Which they do. Just see what this blogger wrote as she lamented the decision to reduce print runs and eliminate staff.

Do Consider Advertising In Martha Stewart Weddings

The two schools of thought should not even be a debate. Both advertising and organic editorial need to exist. Both offer benefits. Ads give you control over where you brand is showing up, and how that looks. Organic editorial gives your brand validation. However, an ad spend also signals that your brand is serious, committed, and probably rocking it if you can sponsor something. So definitely consider an ad buy in a directory or guide or even branded content offered and produced by Martha Stewart Weddings. The people producing the branded content are often the same people who produce the organic (unpaid) content, so you know it’s going to be beautiful.

The hipper magazines are doing branded content better. The older magazines are following suit, and I bet you have read articles that you had no idea were sponsored. Yet were clearly marked!

Let’s Hear Your Ideas! Tin Shingle Community Is Here For You

That’s right - when you’re logged into your PR Center at Tin Shingle, tap into our community on our website in our forum, or in our Facebook Group. Wherever you are comfortable hanging, we’ll hang with you there and be a sounding board.

We even have a Pitch Whisperer Forum where you can submit a draft of what you’re about to pitch.

Do it!