GQ's 2019 Editorial Calendar Available At Tin Shingle

gq editorial calendar screenshot 2019.jpeg

The 2019 Editorial Calendar for GQ has been added to Tin Shingle's PR Center. Get ideas on where the print version of the magazine is headed over the year. Enjoy it, it’s one of the few remaining titles at its publisher, Condé Nast, that is producing a monthly print book.

Themes to look forward to include a Mothers Day Gift Guide. Followed by a Fathers Day Gift Guide. And sports! Lots of NBA. They are even doing a Wedding Season feature. Lots of fashion over there at GQ.

Oh! And they have made a point to celebrate Amazon Prime Day. Why you ask? Well, readers might love their Amazon Prime memberships, but magazines are getting in on the affiliate link trend that very, very small businesses and bloggers started doing years ago - a decade ago at this point. Amazon affiliate links. Yes, that old trick. The old dogs are trying it! GQ started a few years back (see here with their “Best Stuff” newsletter discovery). Seventeen Magazine was a big user of it in their print magazine with Q-code like picture snapping to go shopping from the print pages. BTW, Seventeen Magazine stopped publishing their monthly cycle, but are staying digital.

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