Love This Hashtag - #magazining!

Just discovered the best hashtag for people who love magazines - #magazining! Hello to everyone in there already! Adding it to Tin Shingle’s Hashtag Cheat Sheet for members of Tin Shingle.

i was inspired by our recent TuneUp with the painter Anna West who spends a lot of her time finding smaller groups of people in very relevant hashtags, and prefers “fun” ones. Her definition of Little is 20,000 posts in a hashtag. Even though #magazining has 200, the people who are in it seem just our type here at Tin Shingle - those who love thumbing through a print magazine, some of whom were quoted in the issue.

hopefully more people will use the hashtag! And, maybe I just finally found the name for Tin Shingle’s Blog. Even though we deal with TV press also. But maybe everyone would get the drift. A love of media. 

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