Tin Shingle's Newest Member & Mama-Maker Has Confetti Everywhere!

Oh. My. Gosh. I am in love! Adrianne Pepitone, owner of Studio Pep, sells party goods that makes fun stuff happen. If it's confetti you need to complete your mermaid party, or sprinkle balloons for an ice cream social, she has it all. Based in Pennsylvania, Studio Pep infuses sunshine and bright colors into everything they do and create - have you seen their extensive line of artisan confetti?! From weddings to gender reveals, and jungle parties in between, Adrianne has you covered.

She has put so much pep into her products that she recently has been invited to participate in Spring at the Silos in Waco Texas. The fair is hosted at the home of the Magnolia Market, the parent company owned by Joanna and Chip Gaines, where selected vendors will be able to showcase their dazzling products and creations. It is a true maker's dream to have this unique opportunity. Tin Shingle certainly sends congratulations to Adrianne and Studio Pep and can't wait to see their journey at the Silos.

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