2019 Town & Country Editorial Calendar Added To Tin Shingle's Member-Only Collection

town and country editorial calendar added.jpeg

Town & Country’s 2019 Editorial Calendar has been added to Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection, available to Level 4 All Access Members of Tin Shingle to search and browse through at any time! Along with dozens of other Editorial Calendars at the same time!

About Town & Country Mission

A heritage brand with an un-yielding dedication to a life well lived, Town & Country refines, instructs, and amuses its readers through an ever-evolving dialogue. As the ultimate lifestyle authority, T&C provides a clear lens into the historical significances of the past with a deep responsibility to inform and influence the present.

Town & Country Editorial Projected for 2019

In Town & Country’s 2019 Editorial Calendar, you’ll of course discover when their Holiday issue is, but also when a special Travel section is woven in. And did you know they are having a Beauty and Wellness issue? It’s true, and that means a lot of different opportunities available to our small business friends.

Town & Country will be having their usual Summer issue, but when will the special 50 Philanthropists spotlight happen? You’ll see in their 2019 Editorial Calendar. And who wouldn’t mix Modern Swans with the Fall Fashion Issue - none other than Town & Country. Learn this and more in Town & Country’s 2019 Editorial Calendar, easily readable and searchable by category of interest and by submission deadline in Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection.

Stay Liberated - Editorial Calendars Are Simply Inspiration Bases

While we encourage you to pitch Town & Country any day of the year for any reason you think is a great fit for their readers, you can now easily find insight into their year ahead with Town & Country’s 2019 Editorial Calendar. While magazines make editorial calendars available to anyone and everyone in their Media Kits, Tin Shingle likes to make it super easy for our business owners, makers and artisans to sleuth in one place, and get inspired to pitch.

Tip: Use with Tin Shingle’s exclusive PR Planner Template to track who you want to pitch, when you want to pitch them, and when you did it.