Hoda Kotb Replaces Matt Lauer as Co-Host on Today Show, Keeps Co-Host Seat with Kathie Lee

Well a good morning and happy first day of the New Year 2018 to you as well, Today Show!

With Hoda and Savannah sitting in the middle of the Today Show's Twitter cover photo, and their first live taping wrapped up, many rejoiced at NBC's selection of Hoda as Matt Lauer's replacement during the 7am-9am hour after he was fired from the show for sexual misconduct. Hoda will remain as co-host with Kathie Lee in their 4th hour together which they have done since 2008.

The tone is already one of friendship and warmth. With People Magazine's cover story of Savannah and Hoda opening up about their feelings about the change, Today.com ran a story with excerpts from the article, including this memory from Savannah: “I remember reading something later that said I had grabbed Hoda’s hand, and of course that’s not something you plan. That’s just something you do because you have a real friend, and you need to hold her hand.”

Siri Daly's son observed: "Mommy there are more girls than boys!" With two women anchoring, how will the show's tone change? Already, maybe we have an answer. Hoda stated: "This is bigger than one person, it’s bigger than Matt, it’s bigger than me, it’s bigger than Savannah, it’s bigger than all of us."

I must confess: I don't watch the Today Show, aside from any research I do for Tin Shingle. TV distracts me, so I don't have it on in the background of anything. More notable, however, is my lack of interest in Matt Lauer. He never appealed to me, so the dynamic between him and anyone didn't interest me. Success is always in the people, so now, while ratings are soaring for the Today Show for the moment according to Variety, my interest is genuinely piqued.

I'm not alone, as who can forget that New York Magazine article for their 2013 story "Matt Lauer and the Decline of the Today Show" after Ann Curry left the show. From the article "The image of Matt Lauer trying to comfort her—and of Curry turning away from his attempted kiss—has become a kind of monument to the real Matt Lauer, forensic evidence of his guilt."

Perhaps this has been a move that has been needed for years, but NBC believed he was the key to the show. When change happens, it can be for the best, and can force your hand to do something that needed to be done long ago. We'll see how the ratings shake out, but here's how Twitter felt about it today: