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Martha Stewart Weddings 2019 Editorial Calendar Is Here - And You've Got 1 Chance!

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This Is Your One Chance For Martha Stewart Weddings!

Last summer, the publisher for Martha Stewart Weddings (Meredith) announced that it would reduce the magazine’s print run to just one issue per year - the Special Issue. That time is now. Well, that time for you business owners, photographers, beauty experts, makeup mixologists, bridal boutiques, and the rest of the wedding industry is now because the sole issue of Martha Stewart Weddings is being put together now, to be on magazine shelves in November 2019, right after Thanksgiving when those cozy family bonding moments turn to the beginnings of wedding planning.

Tin Shingle has the 2019 Editorial Calendar for Martha Stewart Weddings in our Editorial Calendar Catalogue for our business and artist members to browse through, in addition to the 100 other editorial calendars are in there.

You’re Going To Cold Pitch Martha Stewart Weddings

Like any editorial calendar, this one is going to give you a broad direction of what the editors are looking for to inspire their brides. They want makeup, hair, destinations, must-haves for any registry. Who you should pitch, and with exactly what, will not be spelled out. This is where your clever brain activates into high gear, and you think up the “why” and discover the “who” of who best to pitch.

Martha Stewart Weddings Contacts Updated In Tin Shingle

People are always changing jobs in the media, so Tin Shingle’s research team is always sprucing things up in our Media Contact Library. We just revisited this group, so if you’re an All Access Pass Member of Tin Shingle, you can log in and begin looking at who works where, and who might be the most appropriate person for your pitch.

How To Pitch?

We know, it can be scary! But it can be really fun, too. Just follow these guidelines:

  • Be super honest with yourself - is your product really a good fit for the pages of Martha Stewart? Is it “So Martha”?

  • Do you have beautiful pictures of it ready? Some with no background or a white background?

  • Deep breaths - the writers and editors are people just like you. You can be friendly and upbeat.

  • Are you an expert in your field? Do you have something to contribute to the false eyelashes trend and when to go big and when to apply blue lashes instead of black? Pitch yourself in as an expert, and include short bullet points of your tips. Really let the writers into your brain.

  • No need to write the article. This is hard - especially if you are an actual writer. Refrain from writing the article - just present an outline with bullet points and a picture.

  • Everyone should submit a picture. Even if you’re an expert.

  • Listen to any of Tin Shingle’s TuneUps that focus on pitching the media. We’ll give you the courage to do this, and the strategy.

The Magazine Lives On Shelves

These Special Issues are being sold in stores, and aren’t as readily available via subscription anymore. People will need to seek them out at Barnes and Noble, Walmart, etc. The “book” aspect of them is becoming greater, as people need to hold onto these Special Issue magazines if they like the reading experience. Which they do. Just see what this blogger wrote as she lamented the decision to reduce print runs and eliminate staff.

Do Consider Advertising In Martha Stewart Weddings

The two schools of thought should not even be a debate. Both advertising and organic editorial need to exist. Both offer benefits. Ads give you control over where you brand is showing up, and how that looks. Organic editorial gives your brand validation. However, an ad spend also signals that your brand is serious, committed, and probably rocking it if you can sponsor something. So definitely consider an ad buy in a directory or guide or even branded content offered and produced by Martha Stewart Weddings. The people producing the branded content are often the same people who produce the organic (unpaid) content, so you know it’s going to be beautiful.

The hipper magazines are doing branded content better. The older magazines are following suit, and I bet you have read articles that you had no idea were sponsored. Yet were clearly marked!

Let’s Hear Your Ideas! Tin Shingle Community Is Here For You

That’s right - when you’re logged into your PR Center at Tin Shingle, tap into our community on our website in our forum, or in our Facebook Group. Wherever you are comfortable hanging, we’ll hang with you there and be a sounding board.

We even have a Pitch Whisperer Forum where you can submit a draft of what you’re about to pitch.

Do it!

2019 Editorial Calendar for Architectural Digest On Its Way Too You!

Magazines release their editorial calendars at different times. Or we’re buried under research with other Editorial Calendar and general Media Contact research to remember to follow up.

Today, one of our favorite magazines came in - Architectural Digest! Can’t wait to learn the monthly themes this magazine has coming up. So many angles as to why you could pitch a writer or editor about your business, if you had a vague idea of what resource or inspiration that would appeal to them at that time.

Members of Tin Shingle at the All Access Level have instant access to these editorial calendars. Or idea centers, as we call them. We have the editorial calendars from 100 publications for 2019 right now! All searchable by Title of publication, AND Area of Interest. Because we are list nerds like that 🤓

Wanna see ‘em and overfloweth with ideas of why to pitch your business? Join us! www.tinshingle.com/editorial-calendars


GQ's 2019 Editorial Calendar Available At Tin Shingle

gq editorial calendar screenshot 2019.jpeg

The 2019 Editorial Calendar for GQ has been added to Tin Shingle's PR Center. Get ideas on where the print version of the magazine is headed over the year. Enjoy it, it’s one of the few remaining titles at its publisher, Condé Nast, that is producing a monthly print book.

Themes to look forward to include a Mothers Day Gift Guide. Followed by a Fathers Day Gift Guide. And sports! Lots of NBA. They are even doing a Wedding Season feature. Lots of fashion over there at GQ.

Oh! And they have made a point to celebrate Amazon Prime Day. Why you ask? Well, readers might love their Amazon Prime memberships, but magazines are getting in on the affiliate link trend that very, very small businesses and bloggers started doing years ago - a decade ago at this point. Amazon affiliate links. Yes, that old trick. The old dogs are trying it! GQ started a few years back (see here with their “Best Stuff” newsletter discovery). Seventeen Magazine was a big user of it in their print magazine with Q-code like picture snapping to go shopping from the print pages. BTW, Seventeen Magazine stopped publishing their monthly cycle, but are staying digital.

All Access Tin Shingle Members can gain instant access to this and our entire Editorial Calendar Catalogue when logged in.

2019 Editorial Calendar for WSJ. The Magazine Now Available at Tin Shingle

front page.png

The Wall Street Journal Magazine’s editorial calendar has been added to Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar database, which makes discovering article ideas easier for you!

As the world’s leading luxury magazine covering art, entertainment, fashion, travel, design and more, there is ample opportunity for pitching your unique brand to the magazine of WSJ. Recent articles at the publication include:

Jazz Musician Kamasi Washington’s Favorite Things

Ghetto Gastro Opens Labyrinth 1.1, Their New HQ in the Bronx

The 16 Best Denim Looks for Him and Her

What’s On Deck for 2019 WSJ. Magazine Issues

recent links.png

This year’s themes at WSJ. include a hotly anticipated Spring Fashion series, with one issue dedicated towards women’s fashion and another focused on men’s styles. What or who will you be wearing this season? Or will they be wearing you? They just might!

Their summer issue will focus on seasonal destinations, escapes and activities. Who can resist a relaxing getaway, a well deserved respite from the bitterness of winter. Also, an entire issue is being dedicated to the INNOVATORS of our time.

Be inspired and find your creative launchpad with the WSJ. editorial calendar, available in Tin Shingle’s PR Center with an All Access Pass of Membership (Level 4). Find every deadline, every theme and anything else you need to know to make your pitch a successful one.

Additionally, Tin Shingle’s community is available to you to bounce ideas off of. Everyone needs support when getting ideas out there. All Access Pass Members get free group-consulting sessions every other Wednesday during our Private Training TuneUp sessions.

NEW 2019 Editorial Calendars Added: Elle, O The Oprah Magazine, Men's Health, Shape


Editorial Calendars are the grand themes that a magazine rallies around each month or quarter. Magazines want the best of the best, so they make these available to the public to know about. Tin Shingle goes out and gathers all of them to put them into our easy and searchable Editorial Calendar Database to have these ideas at your fingertips. Search by Magazine Title or Area of Interest, let your ideas form, and start pitching!

Latest Magazines Added (get the full list here):

  • Country Living

  • Elle

  • Men’s Health

  • O, The Oprah Magazine

  • Shape

  • WSJ. The Magazine


TIME TIP: Magazines are working on Spring and Summer issues right now.

Town & Country

The Summer Issue PLUS T&C 50 Philanthropists

Vogue Knitting
The Needle Guide (publishes in July)

Harper's Bazaar + Elle
The Beauty Issue is coming up for both publications.

Elle Decor
The Italy Issue

Entrepreneur Magazine
The Best Services For Businesses


Fear not - that’s what Tin Shingle’s Community is here for! Everyone needs a jam session to think of reasons why to pitch your favorite, most desired magazine - to give them a great reason of why to feature your business (for free, after all...that's what organic PR is).

Get the magazine into your hot little hands. Not the tablet, but the paper version. Experience it as it was designed.

Dive into the magazine and start reading and skimming the articles, the roundups, the call-outs.

Pay attention to what names are credited to writing features that make sense to you - where your brand could fit in.

These names will be your targets. You will want to pitch this person you find with a possible idea, or a set of tips, or a photo of your product and the special angle that makes it a perfect thing for them to feature to their trusted readership.

Keep a record of these names in your PR Planning & Tracking Template. Start following them on Twitter and Instagram to get to know them. What do they like talking about? What are they writing about?

Pitch them. AKA Email them. There are loads of Tin Shingle Training TuneUps on how to do this, but you’re going to do it. Put yourself out there, and pitch a lot. More than you’re comfortable with. And then follow up. Pitching once is the tip of the ice-burg.

Just make sure you’re pitching someone really relevant to the subject matter, and not someone who you just have the name of :) That’s when the email is sure to get deleted.


Because you're special, and you created something awesome. Feeling blocked and nervous is totally normal.

Connect with us directly in Tin Shingle's Community. It's the entry-level of membership, so is super easy and affordable. Gives you access to our online support group to ask your questions, get ideas. Celebrate when you do get press. The All Access level of membership gets you group consulting sessions every other Wednesday, in our Private TuneUp sessions.

Get with us! And start getting yourself out there (even) more.

Inc. Magazine's 2019 Editorial Calendar Added to Tin Shingle's Collection for Members

inc magazine editorial calendar added screenshot.jpeg

Inc. Magazine Has Been Added To Tin Shingle's 2019 Editorial Calendar Database. You'll find themes like "Founders Project: Legends" and "How I Did This". Many more story ideas are possible for any issue of Inc. Magazine, but knowing the overall theme may help you know when to be more aggressive when targeting the magazine as your perfect fit.

Find this magazine and more in Tin Shingle's Collection, to make it easier for you think of feature ideas for your business at different magazines. It's all about the right timing, and the right person.

2019 Town & Country Editorial Calendar Added To Tin Shingle's Member-Only Collection

town and country editorial calendar added.jpeg

Town & Country’s 2019 Editorial Calendar has been added to Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection, available to Level 4 All Access Members of Tin Shingle to search and browse through at any time! Along with dozens of other Editorial Calendars at the same time!

About Town & Country Mission

A heritage brand with an un-yielding dedication to a life well lived, Town & Country refines, instructs, and amuses its readers through an ever-evolving dialogue. As the ultimate lifestyle authority, T&C provides a clear lens into the historical significances of the past with a deep responsibility to inform and influence the present.

Town & Country Editorial Projected for 2019

In Town & Country’s 2019 Editorial Calendar, you’ll of course discover when their Holiday issue is, but also when a special Travel section is woven in. And did you know they are having a Beauty and Wellness issue? It’s true, and that means a lot of different opportunities available to our small business friends.

Town & Country will be having their usual Summer issue, but when will the special 50 Philanthropists spotlight happen? You’ll see in their 2019 Editorial Calendar. And who wouldn’t mix Modern Swans with the Fall Fashion Issue - none other than Town & Country. Learn this and more in Town & Country’s 2019 Editorial Calendar, easily readable and searchable by category of interest and by submission deadline in Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection.

Stay Liberated - Editorial Calendars Are Simply Inspiration Bases

While we encourage you to pitch Town & Country any day of the year for any reason you think is a great fit for their readers, you can now easily find insight into their year ahead with Town & Country’s 2019 Editorial Calendar. While magazines make editorial calendars available to anyone and everyone in their Media Kits, Tin Shingle likes to make it super easy for our business owners, makers and artisans to sleuth in one place, and get inspired to pitch.

Tip: Use with Tin Shingle’s exclusive PR Planner Template to track who you want to pitch, when you want to pitch them, and when you did it.

Allure's 2019 Editorial Calendar Available In Tin Shingle's PR Center

Allure Magazine’s 2019 Editorial Calendar has been added to Tin Shingle's Members-Only Searchable Editorial Calendar Collection. Easily find out the monthly themes for 2019 for this magazine and others in our PR Center. Will you be featured in their 2019 Anti-Anti Aging Issue this year? What about the Wellness and Energy Issue that focuses on how to get and keep the energy? Or the Culture of Beauty Issue?

Membership with Tin Shingle makes it easier and more approachable to pitch big magazines with your amazing brand. Education gives courage. Learn more about membership here.

The Start of 2019 Editorial Calendars At Magazines Are Rolling In



UPDATE 1/27/2019: Dozens of your favorite magazine editorial calendars for 2019 have been added to Tin Shingle Member-Only PR Center. You can search through them any time by Areas of Interest, or by Magazine Name. Editorial Calendars for 2019 include Allure, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Essence, Rolling Stone, Southern Living, Town and Country, Elle, Inc. Magazine, Men’s Health, Money, and so many others. See the full 2019 Editorial Calendar list here. You can join Tin Shingle as a member to get instant access to our collection!

Editorial Calendars are the grand themes that a magazine rallies around each month or quarter. Magazines want the best of the best, so they make these available to the public to know about. To make your life easier, Tin Shingle goes out and gathers all of them to put them into our searchable database to have these ideas at your fingertips.

Search by Magazine Title or Area of Interest, let your ideas form, and start pitching these magazines! Members of Tin Shingle at the All Access Level of membership have instant access to these lists. Learn more about our Editorial Calendar collection. Pitching magazines goes best with Tin Shingle’s PR Planning & Tracking Template, so download that and get started!

  • AARP

  • allrecipes

  • Better Homes & Gardens

  • Centurion (Luxury Magazine)

  • Cosmopolitan

  • Eating Well

  • Departures (In-Flight Magazine)

  • Health

  • Martha Stewart Living

  • Money

  • Parents

  • Rachael Ray Everyday


Cosmo is rallying around a few hashtags in upcoming issues, namely #Glamming and #FreeToHaveFun. You'll learn this is Cosmo's Editorial Calendar, and we updated Tin Shignle's Instagram Hashtag Cheat Sheet, in the "What Hashtags Magazines Are Using Now"

Better Homes & Gardens
Editorial is shaping up for summer parties, picnics, and a "cocktail garden." What? Sounds good! Can your brand fit in here as a feature? Pitch it!

Editorial is shaping up for the best stocks, bonds, ETFs, and profitable investment strategies. There is a lot more planned for Money, so how can your business fit into an article feature? Pitch it!

Glamour Magazine Abandons Monthly Print For Digital Double Down

Photo Credit: Screenshot of article in  The New York Times.

Photo Credit: Screenshot of article in The New York Times.

In January 2018, the stepping aside of Glamour’s longtime editor in chief, Cindi Leive, became official, and, Samantha Barry, a digitally based  journalist with extensive background in the digital television space at CNN Worldwide as an executive producer for social and emerging media, stepped in. Cindi had also been the editor in chief of Self, another print magazine that ceased printing monthly issues.

Monthly Schedule Not A Thing Anymore At Glamour

Upon her arrival, Samantha reduced the numbers of monthly publications from 12 to 11, gave the print magazine a makeover, completely changing the type treatment of the logo, and on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, announced that the monthly print magazine version of Glamour would cease. 

As first reported by The New York Times, and then The Hollywood Reporter, Samantha stated that she sees no need for a monthly print schedule for the brand anymore. In fact, that Glamour is not just a magazine, that it is a brand. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Samantha stated that Glamour will continue to produce printed editions of its tentpole issues like its “Women of the Year” issue.

In her interview on Cheddar, Samantha is putting Glamour's eggs into the video and event baskets, saying that portions of the Glamour audience are spending more than a minute, sometimes up to half hours on their video content. Being that Samantha comes from the TV world, she is comfortable in this vehicle for storytelling and ad delivery. However, she came from a large cable network - CNN - where their base is TV. In magazines, the base is the book, and the social and the video are the spinoff. Looks like Samantha is bucking this model.

“Doubling Down on Digital”

In her goodbye-to-print email to the editorial staff obtained and quoted by The Hollywood Reporter:  

 "We’re doubling down on digital — investing in the storytelling, service and fantastic photo shoots we’ve always been known for, bringing it to the platforms our readers frequent most. We’ll be expanding video and social storytelling, with new and ambitious series and projects.”

What’s In A Book?

Glamour is committing now to the crowded space of digital with its many mediums, abandoning its loyalty vehicle - the printed book - the magazine. What digital-only producers, editors, and storytellers might not realize is how the printed page carries weight in the hands of their audience. While the people reading the magazine may frequent online spaces more, the printed book helps to define the brand.

According to The New York Times: “Although the number of Glamour’s paid subscribers has remained stable over the last three years, at around 2.2 million, Ms. Barry said it was time for the publication to break away from the printed page.”

The advantage that magazines have over media outlets with no print extension is that they are able to design a deeper experience on the page in the layout of a book. The advantage that digital mediums like blogs have over traditional print is that they understand the online space better and can spread the word farther.

It is the opinion of this writer that the combination of the two - the digital and the print - is an enrichment technique. I say this as a blogger. I am a digitally based producer of content who sees the emotional reactions of people to the printed page, vs the online experience. While the online experience may have more exposure with a larger footprint, the emotional imprint is still there for the printed page. Thereby making the digital version of print even more valuable.

Glamour magazine is in the Condé Nast family. It was founded by the Condé Nast father himself as a vehicle for storytelling of Hollywood Glamour. The magazine’s direction has changed since then, as Glamour has taken on more of an empowerment and educational role for women. Add this move to its evolution.

Vogue’s famed editor in chief, Anna Wintour, is the artistic director for Condé Nast. According to The New York Times article, she enthusiastically supports the release of Glamour magazine’s printed edition, as she did for the ceasing of the printed editions of Self and Teen Vogue. Would Anna encourage the stopping of monthly printing for Vogue magazine? Could you imagine such a thing?

In the Cheddar interview, Samantha acknowledges that there are advertising dollars for print ads, and less so for banner ads on the internet. Branded content can make up for that, as it’s storytelling vs static visual. However, the desire for brands to place print ads still exists, and they are still effective in the impression they leave behind. Therefore, what does it mean to other magazines when a heavy hitter in the industry like Glamour leaves? One answer could be that print ads in existing magazines get more valuable, as there are fewer print outlets. Hence, a possible enthusiastic support by one editor in chief for the decision to abandon print by another editor in chief.

What Does Digital Glamour Mean for Businesses, Artists + PR?

What does this mean for business owners, artists and makers trying to get featured in Glamour? It means a few things:

Pitching Glamour just got more fractured.
You will be pitching tiny corners of Glamour, and by corners I mean video segments, contributing writers and social media handlers. See Tin Shingle’s Training TuneUp here with a contributing writer at GQ and others about how she approaches writing assignments. There may be assignment editors who see everything at the very top line, but they are seeing the overall message delivery for several media mediums. Pitching can be more frequent, different and specialized as you reach more media creators for Glamour. How a feature on your business will get produced has increased in variety.

Crossover for visual storytellers in video and TV just got better.
Opportunities increased for video segments. While writers may still be there to help write the script - if there is one - video editors and producers may be more involved here.

On-Air experts and TV personalities may also have an increased role to play.
The host of a segment will usually be delivering and guiding the segment. Tin Shingle’s Media Contact Lists include a search filter for On-Air Experts, making it easy for you to focus on pitching these types of media creators.