PR Pitching

Online Class TuneUp: What To Pitch The Press This Month: November 2018

It's November, and you're wishing to be featured and talked about in the Holiday issues of magazines, right?

And you learned in this "Ultimate Guide To Pitching Holiday Gift Guides" that your chance to pitch the Holiday magazines was in July, right? And that your next chance for a Gift Guide is Valentine's Day, which is happening in November, right (hot tip: listen to this Training TuneUp on how to pitch Valentine's Day in November)?

This is your chance to not miss the boat again! Set the stage and plant the seeds in November on those amazing story ideas during this monthly Training TuneUp from Tin Shingle: What To Pitch This Month: November.

Several years ago, we started this "What To Pitch" series in November because we noticed that people started unplugging from their PR efforts during the Winter holidays, and the Summer season. These are the two peak seasons for pitching!

Covered In This Training TuneUp

  • Ideas: The usual set of ideas for what print magazines are looking for now (aka Long Lead), then blogs and websites (Short Lead), and hot news trends you can piggy back on for quickie articles at your website or others, and your social media.

  • BONUS: "But pitching doesn't work for me": This question will be discussed during the TuneUp, with suggestions on what to change in your pitching to the media.

  • BONUS: "But why would any magazine feature me?": This question will be discussed during the TuneUp, with myth-busters on why any business should want - and get - media coverage. Be you a website designer, jewelry designer of single pieces, or anything.

Online Class TuneUp: Trick or Treat: 5 Tricks for Instagram, PR, and SEO

This TuneUp was originally recorded on Halloween, thus the Halloween inspired Tricks and Treats you're going to get for doing your own PR and Instagram posting. This was a quick TuneUp because there was costuming to be done!

Covered In This Training TuneUp

  • PR Trick: An email pitch trick that worked to hook and land a local newspaper article in a competitive market.

  • PR Trick: A trick in the follow-up to your pitch to a reporter.

  • Rotten Candy for PR: A follow-up email that would have rotted the possible story!

  • Instagram Trick: A really easy trick to get a lot more exposure (hint: it's pretty basic but takes courage)

  • Instagram/PR Combo Trick: A trick that local business is mastering pretty well to get organic PR, but PR agents might not know about it yet.

  • Rotten Candy for Instagram: An easy way to rot in your intended contact's Instagram and not get heard.

  • SEO Trick: Easy way to create content to get gobbled up by Google and recommended to people looking for what you sell.

Online Class TuneUp: Pitch Clarity - What Worked and Didn't in These Pitches

Venture inside real emails with Tin Shingle during this Training TuneUp. These emails were sent to the media by businesses hoping to get noticed and gain a press placement. During this class, we will uncover each pitch to discover what worked and what didn't in these examples. We will also highlight the winning email that worked and resulted in an article (aka landed press) and will showcase which parts of the email worked and why.