Online Class: What To Pitch The Media During October 2019

OMG, y'all...It's October and that means it is the start of the Valentine's Day Gift Guide Curation Season. Magazine editors are building their picks now, which means you should start pitching those guides now. This is your big chance for print! If you missed the Holiday Gift Guides (Nov/Dec), you can make a come-back in this season.

During today's exclusive monthly TuneUp series, "What To Pitch The Media This Month," we zero in on what you should be focusing on right now for your PR and Social Media campaign planning. This is especially important for those of you who want to get featured in national magazines. We will cover what you could be pitching for:

Magazines (in print) (story ideas relevant for 6 months from now)

Blogs / Podcasts (story ideas relevant for 1 week to 2 months out)

TV (story ideas relevant for 1 week to 2 months out)

Online Class: How To Land A TV Feature For Fall - Right Now (In August)

Alright you summer babies...Time to come back to the table and get some fresh TV publicity for the fall!

TV Producer and PR specialist Laura Holka returns to Tin Shingle as a guest expert for this TV-ready TuneUp to get you started on pitching TV programming now so that you have coverage and features in the Fall.

Covered In This TuneUp:

Why You Should Pitch In The Summer For Fall Ideas

HINT: Better chance of scheduling an interview when producers have either been on vacation or hiatus & need content to start the new TV season in September.

How To Pitch These Ideas

HINT: Email the producer or booker as you normally would, being sure to make your subject line really interesting & “Autumn” topical.

TV Ready Checklist

Common mistakes that are easy for anyone to make.

Online Class: How To Get PR As An Expert

Looking for alternative ways to get PR coverage?

Looking for any reason at all to get PR coverage?

Pitching yourself as an expert can be one of the most flexible ways you can do this. But are you an expert? Of course you are!

Do you make ice-cream from milk from local dairy farms and sell it nationally? You're an expert! How is the agricultural tariff war impacting your farmers and your bottom line?

Do you run a non-profit, and have you been getting grants? You're an expert! What was special in your experience of pursuing those grants that others can benefit from? Bullet list this out, and begin pitching.

Do you run a membership-based business? You're an expert! You know about pricing trends, and nurturing a community.

Do you run a franchise, and are you kicking butt in your community? You're an expert! Share how your involvement at the local level has made your franchise stand out. Have you won recognition from your company? Add that to your pitch.

Online Class: What To Pitch The Media During September 2019

In Tin Shingle's exclusive monthly TuneUp series, "What To Pitch The Media This Month," we zero in on what you should be focusing on right now for your PR and Social Media campaign planning. This is especially important for those of you who want to get featured in national magazines. We will cover what you could be pitching for:

Magazines (in print) (story ideas relevant for 6 months from now)

Blogs / Podcasts (story ideas relevant for 1 week to 2 months out)

TV (story ideas relevant for 1 week to 2 months out)

NEW! Seasonal (photo shoots dependent upon weather)

BONUS! We are looking at the latest issue of Condé Nast Traveler - The Nomad Issue - to see how the editors selected and developed a wide variety of content to feature within their pages. Many of you could have been featured here in this issue. All it takes is time to dream as you flip through the pages to think of the right angle.

Online Class: What To Pitch The Media During August 2019

Covered In This TuneUp:

Magazines (in print) (story ideas relevant for 6 months from now)

Blogs / Podcasts (story ideas relevant for 1 week to 2 months out)

TV (story ideas relevant for 1 week to 2 months out)

NEW! Seasonal (photo shoots dependent upon weather)

BONUS! We are having a Special Guest in for this TuneUp! The former publisher of the magazine Traditional Home, Beth McDonough, will give us a Pop-Up Publisher Exclusive view of what magazines are working on now.

Sneak peek of what Beth reveals to us: "Most of the national books (aka magazines) will be focusing on finishing up their Holiday issues and turning their attention to next year. Think about seasonal stories for 2020 (yes a year out) for titles that will be looking for Holiday themes that they will need when the weather is cooperative."

Online Class: 37 Ways To Pitch A Holiday Gift Guide

You may have discovered Tin Shingle back when you were Googling "how to get my product featured in a gift guide in a magazine" in October. Fall is when you start to feel the holiday vibes. But guess what? You missed the boat! Magazines curate their winter Holiday Gift Guides in July. So don't miss the boat again! Listen to this TuneUp for ideas on what to pitch the printed pages of magazines for their November/December issues.

Covered In This TuneUp

How To Pitch: 37 Different Ideas

How To Pitch: That First Email - What To Include In The Pitch

How To Followup After You Pitch

What You Need In Place If They Reply

Online Class: How To Pitch Morning Shows From A Producer's Point Of View

Pitching a morning show to get your business on TV is totally possible by you. There are a few key steps you'll want to be aware of, including having a stellar pitch. The secret ingredient? Keeping that pitch short, sweet, swift, and to the point. And don't think that pitching that TV show once is your one-and-done chance of getting on TV! You will be pitching many times! Because you have many angles of how you could get your business, book or project featured on TV.

Learn From A TV Morning Show Producer

In this TuneUp, you will meet Laura Holka, a producer turned PR professional who started at PBS and worked for ABC for several years, including her local stations in Phoenix, AZ.

This TuneUp Will Include:

Producer Life: Going inside the life of a producer so that you know what they are doing when you email/pitch them.

Production Day: The breakdown of how the morning show is produced, so that you can know the best times of day to email, and when your email might get lost.

Who To Pitch: Is it the host? The anchor? The booker?

What's In The Pitch: Laura will share a sample pitch to show you a winning formula.

What To Do If You Get A Response: Laura will tell us how to miss an opportunity if you do get a response. Hint: Act fast!

Ideas - What Appeals To Producers: The key to a winning pitch is in your story angle.

About Laura Holka

Laura is an experienced executive producer for news, morning talk shows, political programming, non-profits and sports. She knows what works for TV, web, video, pitching your business, and social media. Laura’s career began at PBS as an intern, which led to a job in “Traffic” at ABC. While there, she moved into live broadcasts and producing.

At KTVK (Phoenix News), Laura worked in news, sports, morning TV, live events, and special projects. Most of her experience is in producing, writing, and live productions. At both AZTV & KAZT Laura worked as the executive producer doing their morning program, politics, writing, special events, commercial production, sales and social media.

Laura has taken her experience and transitioned it to the other side of the camera as a PR consultant. She is giving us the insider goods!

Online Class: What To Pitch The Media During July 2019

HOT TIP! Before you completely unplug and go to the pool, know this: July is HOT HOT HOT for pitching the print media! Summer is the time that the big print magazines are putting together their Holiday issues! That's right! Those issues that drop in November and December.

This Is Gift Guide Pitching Time

You want this. You have been waiting all year for this. You missed your chance on this last year. YOU'VE GOT THIS NOW if you tune into this TuneUp.

What You'll Learn

The key to pitching the media and getting featured is pitching the right idea at the right time. We are going to cover the Media Time Zones during this TuneUp.

Magazines: Where are they in their publishing cycles? Yes, they are making Thanksgiving Dinner. That's where your head-space needs to be when pitching them!

Blogs: A bit more in real time, so no need to bend your brain like that!

TV: What kind of trending ideas can you pitch TV right now to get your business on-air?

Online Class: How To Write The Perfect Pitch (Template Included!)

This TuneUp covers how to write the perfect pitch. You will be emailing this to your intended media target.

Hot Spots You'll Want To Master

We will be going over the "Hot Spots of a Pitch" which include:

  • Subject Line

  • Body Copy

  • Images

  • Links

Who Is Receiving Your Pitch?

Additionally, we will go over the psychology of a pitch to the media - both yours and your writer/producer you are writing to:

  • Realizing who you can email.

  • Breaking free of the "Wait, why don't they ever feature me?" mindset that will get you zero media coverage.

  • Capitalizing on jealously when your competitor or other business you admire is featured in the media.

Resource Tools

And lastly, tools you'll need for a great pitch, including:

  • Templates. Members of Tin Shingle will get free templates of pitches. Regular viewers will get to see them on screen during this webinar.

  • Pitch Whisperer: Learn how to use Tin Shingle's exclusive and original Pitch Whisperer online tool for editing and feedback of pitches you write.

  • Media Contacts: Learn how to use Tin Shingle's Media Contact Library and Editorial Calendar Collection to help you develop that timely hook that is necessary for all successful pitches.

Online Class: What To Pitch The Media During May 2019

This TuneUp was held on the first day of the new month! Perfect timing for Tin Shingle's regular series, "What To Pitch The Media This Month."

This will cover quickie ideas you could pitch for placement right about now, but most importantly, it will cover what you could be pitching now that might land you a feature in the print media, namely those big national magazines, in the future. Think a September placement.

The format of this TuneUp was changed up a bit, and involved a giant whiteboard to help you chunk out the types of pitching you'll be doing. It's a Time Zone thing (with months, not with AM or PM).

Online Class: "8 Things I Learned After Deleting Facebook From My Phone"

It's happening. The deletion of Facebook apps from people’s phones - or from their lives entirely - as revelations continue to come out as to how invasive Facebook's social tactics are. Even Lisa Paige from PopCrush Nights deleted Instagram for her phone for a day, and was so happy.
Tin Shingle’s owner Katie is a Digital Marketing Strategist, and has deleted Facebook Personal and Business apps from her phone, but still uses the platform for marketing.
Deleting the easy access revealed much about Facebook’s design, what’s working and not working with it, and how to reach the people who are still communicating with each other on the platform.
This isn't a TuneUp to slam Facebook, but to highlight the parts of it that you should pay attention to, in your broad marketing plans where time continues to shrink as more content grabs our attention. Namely:

Showing Up. Having a pulse on Facebook. People are checking out your brand page, and want to see life.

Shopping. Facebook is investing into the shopping game as buying via Instagram takes off. Instagram shopping is connected to your Facebook account. The only way to link to products on your website from your Instagram post is via Facebook's Ad Manager, so you can’t cut the cord just yet.

This TuneUp Covers:

  • Design: What is hurting Facebook's design, and why your message may be getting buried.

  • Facebook as a Creative Crutch. Are you reaching as many people as you think?

  • Never Satisfied. There's a reason you're hooked.

  • FOMO Fuels Everything

  • When Facebook Goes Dark

  • Facebook Can Still Track You, Despite Being Deleted From Phone

  • So How Should You Use Facebook For Marketing?

Online Class: What To Pitch During April 2019

We are going to go over the Pitching Time Zones of who to pitch what. Timing is everything, so find out which headlines would catch a producer or writer's eye right now.

Magazine Pitch Alert:

What To Pitch Now: September/October: If you want big print magazines, they are working 6-7 months out, which means September/October. Get ideas on how to think in this cycle right now. If your time is Back To School, Football Season, Fall Fashion, Fall Detox, this is your time.

Editorial Calendar Peeking

Every month, we dive into Tin Shingle's Editorial Calendar Collection to see what big themes the magazine are working on now. Examples:

Special Focus: Gift Guides

Gift Guides: Do you want to get into Gift Guides? We will cover best ways to do this - at any time of the year.

Time Zones of Pitching: Pitching the media can be overwhelming. It can trigger anyone's ADD. We will discuss ways to harness this for productive pitching.

We're going to talk about how - and the opportunities you will find!

Online Class: Basic Basic Basic Marketing Tips For Know It Alls

Basic Basic Basic Marketing Tips For Know It Alls

Today's TuneUp was inspired by a conversation with a business owner that went something like this: "Oh, I've taken all of the top marketing classes from all of the top gurus. I'm all set with that."

Upon visiting that business owner's website - which happened after a Google search revealed nothing for them, and after Instagram also came up empty - there were plenty of other gaping holes at the website.

Today we are visiting some basic marketing concepts that you are doing - that you think may be enough. But they are not enough. Much of what you are doing is AMAZING. And it needs to get out there. This TuneUp goes covers some very basic - yet very powerful - strategies you can use in SEO, social media, and basic marketing to your customers that you may not be taking advantage of.

We're going to talk about how - and the opportunities you are missing - today. Click here for the free registration link.

Online Class: What To Pitch The Media Right Now: March 2019

It's no coincidence that you're reading about really cool businesses in social, digital and print media. Those businesses didn't sit back in their shops or offices waiting for the media to come calling. They went for it and got it! They pitched their favorite glossy magazines, TV shows, and digital brands, and were featured.


Dive into our 2019 Editorial Calendars during this live show! You’ll get a sneak peek of what All Access Pass Members of Tin Shingle get to see all of the time.


Magazines are working on Fall issues, and some Winter. Guys: Don't wait for these Editorial Calendars! Pitch all. the. time. Cold pitch. We teach it at Tin Shingle!


  • Fast Company: Best Workplaces for Innovators

  • Family Circle: Back to School

  • Essence: Fall Fashion

  • Esquire: The Grooming Guides

  • …and many more… (see our 2019 Editorial Calendar Collection)

“TREND STORIES” Ride The Wave Of These Ideas Now:

You will get ideas for what to pitch now in order to ride the wave of other headlines in the news, like:

  • Kathie Lee + Retirement Tips (she’s stepping down from the show - how will she cope? how should anyone cope when leaving a career they love?)

  • Facebook Drama (millions are leaving Facebook, as reported by Marketplace)...

Online Class TuneUp: Facebook Ads: Beyond The Boost

No matter what you think of Facebook these days, if you're still using it, you may be seeing those big shiny targeted ads on the website that seem to follow you and read your mind, and you may want an ad for your business to show up there.

During this TuneUp, we talk to digital advertising experts Patti Devine and Devin Holmes from Digital Impact. They are specialists in following the numbers to gauge how an ad might perform, and will tell us how we can do that too.

Patti and Devin are going to show us how to create these ads (like, literally, where the heck is the Ads Admin?) and where to start with producing your artwork and the content that goes with it. You're going to want a great image, on-point wording, and a well thought out web page for where you new viewers are going to click to.

Online Class TuneUp: What To Pitch The Media For February

It's no coincidence that you're reading about really cool businesses in social, digital and print media. Those businesses didn't sit back in their shops or offices waiting for the media to come calling. They went for it and got it! They pitched their favorite glossy magazines, TV shows, and digital brands, and were featured.

This. Could. Be. You!!

Tin Shingle is your PR Campaign Partner and we've got your roadmap for what ideas to pitch to the media for this month. Listen to this live class to get some of those ideas and some gumption to carry them out.


We take a deep dive into Tin Shingle’s 2019 Editorial Collection. Learn about the broad themes the print magazines are working on now.

Highlights Include:

  • Harper’s Bazaar: The Design Issue

  • Inc. Digital for February 2019: - Inspiration Chronicles, Productivity

  • Inc. Print: Up Next (this could be anyone! Are you an "up next" type of brand?)

  • House Beautiful: Outdoor Living and Small Spaces - PLUS Designing for Kids! (yeah this one's for you, Beetle and Fred! Go for it with your fabric ideas for those kids walls or DIY projects!)

  • Men’s Journal: The Perfect Summer Issue. A guide to living your best Summer ever from A to Z (this one's for you, Fluid Running! Can we say..."Best New Backyard Pool Workout?"

…and many more… (see our 2019 Editorial Calendar Collection!)

Online Class: How to be a Known Entrepreneur and Expert in Your Industry

So you want to be a go-to expert in your industry where press is concerned? Are you hoping to reach more people and get your message out there, building buzz for your business and your brand, but perhaps you're not sure where to begin? This webinar with Tin Shingle's co-founders Sabina Hitchen and Katie Hellmuth Martin will give you a jumpstart in the right direction. As a former publicist, Sabina has landed clients as experts on the Dr. Oz show, Bethany, the Today Show, and several print publications including Real Simple, American Airlines, USA Today, and so many more. You will leave this live training with solid strategies you can take action on right away to build buzz for yourself in print and TV media as an expert in your industry.

Covered In This Webinar

  • How to raise your profile as an expert in your field so everyone (press, customers, leaders in your field) know who you are.

  • How to be sure the press call on you when they need an expert like you - we'll tell you how to become their go to expert!

  • How your social media profiles and posts can help or hurt your quest to be a known expert and entrepreneur in your field.

  • The one email you should send right now to your target press to begin connecting.

  • What to do if there are lots of other people doing what you're doing for a living and you want to rise above the noise.

How This Works

Single Purchase: After you purchase this Training TuneUp, return to this page, and the video will be on the screen, ready for you to play!

Tin Shingle Members: If you are an Online Classes Level 3 Member of Tin Shingle, and you are logged in, this video interview will be already here, waiting for you to press play!

Online Class TuneUp: Hibernation Season: Polishing Your Brand In January

Polishing Your Brand - Get Rid of the Old

January is here! Hibernation season where it's out with the old, and in with the new. Use this quiet time to dust off the old components about your business so that you are ready to attract and accept fresh new business.

Covered In This TuneUp:

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Even if you're not looking for a job, LinkedIn is the validation center for people's professional sides. Make sure you latest accomplishments are updated here.

  • Instagram Skills

    Start using a few new strategies.

  • Website Upgrade

    Ditch your old website - dive into the new platforms that broaden your exposure and reach!

  • Website Deep Dive

    Enable something new at your spiffy new website, like Instagram selling.

  • Outreach
    Who you should be reaching out to now to get the word out.

Online Class TuneUp: What To Pitch The Media This Month: January 2019

This TuneUp includes a deep dive into several 2019 magazine Editorial Calendars that are ready for you to search through in Tin Shingle's database. Additionally, this TuneUp also has two special features for you to begin the New Year:

Motivation Minute: The kick-off to every TuneUp is a Motivation Minute, and today's is dedicated as your New Year's Day Pep Talk. The actual New Year's Day cast a bit of The Sunday's vibe for some of us, after the excitement of the coming change delivered us on a day of: "Ok, now what? What direction to go?" It's a big thing to stare at a blank slate after feeling such momentum. This will be discussed quickly in the Motivation Minute.

Special Focus: Innovator Introspection. Several magazines are having their "Innovators" issue. Are you an innovator? Sure you are. Knowing how you are an innovator in your field is key to pitching yourself or your business into this theme. We will discuss so that you can have talking points at the ready for this type of email pitch to the media.

Online Class TuneUp: Pitching Local Media

Pitching local media, like your local newspaper or regional magazine, requires a special set of skills. This style of pitching almost requires that you peel back the sophistication and formulaic approach of a traditional pitch, in favor of a much more personalized approach.

But not too personal. You'll still need to include the most important details right away to catch the attention of the reporter, writer, and sometimes, even the publisher. In the world of local media, the same rules do not always apply if you want to land that feature.

Local media coverage can be great for your brand. Everybody loves supporting a neighbor - and that's exactly what most PR agents are getting wrong in their pitching. They are forgetting the personal approach to their pitch.

No matter if you make hats, stationery, or are a local expert in something that the world needs, you can get local media coverage without advertising. Some people turn up their noses at the local paper, but when it comes time to actually getting the word out about something, they all want to get into the local newspaper.

During this Training TuneUp, you will see actual pitches that did not work - were too formulaic and lacked the personal, community-centered approach. You will also see a pitch that did work that landed a full-page newspaper feature.