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Online Class TuneUp: Hibernation Season: Polishing Your Brand In January

Polishing Your Brand - Get Rid of the Old

January is here! Hibernation season where it's out with the old, and in with the new. Use this quiet time to dust off the old components about your business so that you are ready to attract and accept fresh new business.

Covered In This TuneUp:

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Even if you're not looking for a job, LinkedIn is the validation center for people's professional sides. Make sure you latest accomplishments are updated here.

  • Instagram Skills

    Start using a few new strategies.

  • Website Upgrade

    Ditch your old website - dive into the new platforms that broaden your exposure and reach!

  • Website Deep Dive

    Enable something new at your spiffy new website, like Instagram selling.

  • Outreach
    Who you should be reaching out to now to get the word out.

Online Class TuneUp: Squirreling Away for Buzz Building - Hibernation!

This TuneUp is designed for businesses who are going into hibernation and are preparing for the Winter! In this TuneUp, we go over snuggly things you can be doing to prepare to create big buzz for your business during the month of December, or other winter months. It's time to store up for the winter to last you through a long season of uncertainty. Winter is often the most dreaded for businesses because of the weather. School closings, blizzards that impact shipping and travel, and those Winter Blues people battle through. Now is the time to set your agenda for the next few months so that you have plenty of good ideas to choose from when you need to ramp it up.

Online Class: Digital Marketing For Promoting Small Business

Learn quick and easy techniques that your business can use today that will help more people find out about your business. Designed for business owners who run a storefront, sell a product, or provide a service direct to customers, this workshop will get you comfortable with all the strategies you need to know in Facebook, Instagram, blogging, and newsletters. We wil cover:

  1. Reach More People: the where and how

  2. Use Social Media Productively

  3. Perfect Visual Story Telling

  4. Properly Use Links to Call to Action

  5. Effective Email Marketing

Katie Hellmuth Martin is the publisher of A Little Beacon Blog ( and runs Tin Shingle ( an online training and resource platform for small businesses and marketers. Having helped hundreds of businesses resolve a myriad of issues preventing them from promoting effectively, she is well equipped to help you promote your business.