Online Class: How To Get PR As An Expert

Looking for alternative ways to get PR coverage?

Looking for any reason at all to get PR coverage?

Pitching yourself as an expert can be one of the most flexible ways you can do this. But are you an expert? Of course you are!

Do you make ice-cream from milk from local dairy farms and sell it nationally? You're an expert! How is the agricultural tariff war impacting your farmers and your bottom line?

Do you run a non-profit, and have you been getting grants? You're an expert! What was special in your experience of pursuing those grants that others can benefit from? Bullet list this out, and begin pitching.

Do you run a membership-based business? You're an expert! You know about pricing trends, and nurturing a community.

Do you run a franchise, and are you kicking butt in your community? You're an expert! Share how your involvement at the local level has made your franchise stand out. Have you won recognition from your company? Add that to your pitch.