Online Class: How To Land A TV Feature For Fall - Right Now (In August)

Alright you summer babies...Time to come back to the table and get some fresh TV publicity for the fall!

TV Producer and PR specialist Laura Holka returns to Tin Shingle as a guest expert for this TV-ready TuneUp to get you started on pitching TV programming now so that you have coverage and features in the Fall.

Covered In This TuneUp:

Why You Should Pitch In The Summer For Fall Ideas

HINT: Better chance of scheduling an interview when producers have either been on vacation or hiatus & need content to start the new TV season in September.

How To Pitch These Ideas

HINT: Email the producer or booker as you normally would, being sure to make your subject line really interesting & “Autumn” topical.

TV Ready Checklist

Common mistakes that are easy for anyone to make.