Online Class: What To Pitch The Media During September 2019

In Tin Shingle's exclusive monthly TuneUp series, "What To Pitch The Media This Month," we zero in on what you should be focusing on right now for your PR and Social Media campaign planning. This is especially important for those of you who want to get featured in national magazines. We will cover what you could be pitching for:

Magazines (in print) (story ideas relevant for 6 months from now)

Blogs / Podcasts (story ideas relevant for 1 week to 2 months out)

TV (story ideas relevant for 1 week to 2 months out)

NEW! Seasonal (photo shoots dependent upon weather)

BONUS! We are looking at the latest issue of Condé Nast Traveler - The Nomad Issue - to see how the editors selected and developed a wide variety of content to feature within their pages. Many of you could have been featured here in this issue. All it takes is time to dream as you flip through the pages to think of the right angle.