Online Class TuneUp: Interview With Christina Fagan, Founder of Sh*t That I Knit On How She Rocked Her Kickstarter Campaign

Interview With Christina Fagan, Founder of Sh*t That I Knit On How She Rocked Her Kickstarter Campaign

Watch and learn from this Training TuneUp Interview to find out how Christina Fagan, founder of Shit That I Knit, launched a such successful Kickstarter campaign when growing her business, raising over $25,000 from 260 backers in 30 days. It's not easy starting a Kickstarter, and requires all of the muscles in your marketing body. It's all of what we preach at Tin Shingle - the outreach, the PR, the social, the emailing, the presentation. The gumption! The enthusiasm.

You're going to love this Training TuneUp Interview with your host and owner of Tin Shingle, Katie Hellmuth Martin. Knitting designer Christina Fagan, a Tin Shingle Member, was in her full time job as a sales person with a passion for knitting. After blogging a bit about it her side hobby, she decided to take it full time and have a go at running a business selling her famous knitted styles. She employed a squad of "knittas" to make the brand's signature hats.

Momentum was building, and she needed capital to get inventory. Most of her work went into a pre-buzz campaign where she reached out to the media to pitch her business to the press, and landed placements.

When the Kickstarter campaign started, pledges immediately began coming in. Her campaign hit its goal of $15,000 within 24hrs of launching thanks to a lot of pre-buzz Christina worked hard to generate. Once the campaign was over, they closed with just over $25,000, and then got to work delivering the backer's rewards.

This interview reveals how she did this - which will keep you going in your own drive to secure sales and success in your business. Learn how Christina got her own press in Forbes, The Boston Globe, and other publications.

That was a great Webinar/Interview. Everyone should listen to it when it’s up!
— Judith George, Founder and Video Editor

Online Class TuneUp: How to Host A Successful Pop-Up Shop

This Training TuneUp explores all the bases you need to cover in order to have a productive pop-up shop. This webinar is led by Tin Shingle's owner, Katie, who plays host to several highly successful pop-up shops in Tin Shingle's Headquarters.

These one-time local events boost the promotion of your business, whether service or product based. You need to be having them! Learn how you can be successful with planning, promoting, and accomplishing these events during this webinar. We will take a look at pop-up shops that have thrived and discuss the following topics, roadblocks, and strategies: 

  • How: The ins and outs of how to create a pop-up shop

  • Aggressive Marketing: Why and how you need to be over the top with marketing

  • Flyers: What your marketing flyers should contain, the best wording to use, and how to design them

  • Early Buzz: How to build up hype well in advance

  • Social Media: The big key that social media plays

  • Local: The most strategic ways target your audience: Local!

  • Pop-Up Within Your Existing Shop: Having a pop-up shop in your own storefront and how it can trigger traffic, sales, and buzz.