Online Class TuneUp: Planning for the New Year, with Sabina Hitchen

What are your plans for 2018? Are you getting your list and checking it twice for an awesome and powerful start to the New Year - of pitching the media! This is the time to set the plan and lay the groundwork for how your year will go. How will you approach the media? What will your ideas be? How will you keep track of it all?

Sabina Hitchen, the Small Biz PR educator and founder of and the Press for Success training course joins Katie on the webinar to give you play-by-play of what this can look like.

Covered In This TuneUp:

  • Plan your work and working your plan
  • Big picture planning: determining your wording and point of view
  • Researching your ideal customers and matching media to reach those customers
  • Break down goals and objectives to make this all easier!
  • Monthly action steps you can take in the new year.
  • Tips on how to make this work in your day if you feel like you don’t have the bandwidth to make it happen.