Private TuneUp Workshop


Tin Shingle’s Private TuneUp is for All Access Members only, and is a chance to come together in a small group to get feedback on:

  • Pitching the media.

  • Social Media strategies.

  • Blogging + Newsletter strategies.

  • Getting jazzed in general about your business and future moves to make buzz happen.

How This Works

Moderated by Tin Shingle's Katie Hellmuth Martin, this is a meeting of a small group of people, and it is always a safe, supportive space.

  • Bring 1 Goal or Challenge.

  • Get feedback from Katie and other members.

  • Homework assignment created just for you to get you closer to reaching your goal.

How Get On The Call

  • Special Call-In Digits: We use GoToWebinar and it’s super easy. You’ll click on a special link found in Tin Shingle’s Community Boards (you’ll need to be logged into your Tin Shingle Member Account first). That Community Board page will have a link that will direct you to register for the call.

  • Computer vs Phone: Try to use your computer when you come in. That way, we can see you face to face. If you are on the go, and need to call in from your phone, that’s fine too!

Success Stories

Shifts happen during these calls. If you put it out there, you'll surprise yourself at what can happen next.

  • Laura Borland: After attending her first Private TuneUp, Laura landed a spot on a local TV station. But it wasn’t random. She went for it! “Repetition and Intensity, Katie. I followed your advice and made a commitment to send my pitch to at least 25 journalists everyday, and used your PR Planner & Tracker to know who I had contacted.”

  • Sierra Bailey: Jewelry designer and creator of Manic Trout, landed herself a host position at a major cable network for a crafting show. All because she was brainstorming new ways to get the word out, and what she personally wanted to tap into.