Pitch Whisperer
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Whip that pitch into shape by putting it into the hands of professionals who have worked on both sides of the media - either as writers of published pieces, or as editors who have received a myriad of pitches from business like yours.

The Buzz Builder behind this service is Olivia Abel, former editor-in-chief of the regional publication, the Hudson Valley Magazine. Olivia has also worked at and written for Vanity Fair, People Magazine, and others.

How It Works

Olivia will contact you for details what you are pitching and why. When you put your article pitch through the Pitch Whisperer Program, you will receive:

  • Pitch formatted for email, ready for you to send.

  • Picture suggestions of what picture (s) to include in your pitch, if any.


For an additional charge, we can research up to 5 media contacts for you, and send it on your behalf. We always personalize our emails, so these are emailed individually. If you want to find your own Media Contacts, we recommend you use Tin Shingle's Media Contact Database, research via Twitter, and/or read  the media outlet you are targeting and find contributing writers.

Follow Up

Further, we can also act as a liaison between you and an interested party. Please select the appropriate level from the drop-down when purchasing.

Image Recommended

We highly recommend you embed an image or image collage with your press release. This adds enticement. If you have a picture or flyer that represents what you are promoting, great! If you don't we can design one for you for an additional charge (you'll see the option in the drop-down below).

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