Pitch Whisperer Writing Service


Pitch Whisperer Writing Service

from 850.00

Whip that pitch into shape by putting it into the hands of professionals who have worked on both sides of the media - either as writers of published pieces, or as editors who have received a myriad of pitches from business like yours.

How It Works

You will be paired with one of Tin Shingle’s Pitch Whisperers.

    You and your Pitch Whisperer will talk by phone to discover your brand and goals for this pitch. You will discuss your target audience, and which publications or networks you are trying to get press coverage on.

    Your Pitch Whisperer will write your pitch and format it in an email. These are not sent as Word attachments, so you will be sent an email just as it is intended to be sent to your target writer or producer. Suggested Subject Line will be included. The Subject Line is very important!

    Your pitch can include a picture to get the writer or producer more excited about the product. Your Pitch Whisperer can advise you on the best picture or photo collage. If you need graphic design help to make this image, select one of Tin Shingle’s packages here that includes designing an attachment for you.

Add-On: Distribution

The base rate of this Pitch Package includes 1 pitch for 1 media contact at a media outlet. For an additional charge, we can research up to 5 media contacts for you, and send it on your behalf. We always personalize our emails, so these are emailed individually. If you want to find your own Media Contacts, we recommend you use Tin Shingle's Media Contact Database, research via Twitter, and/or read  the media outlet you are targeting and find contributing writers.

Add-On: Follow Up

The base rate of this Pitch Package is for you to get the pitch in your hot little hands, and then send it out - and follow up! However, if following up is daunting to you, your Pitch Whisperer can send your pitch on your behalf, and conduct the followup. Further, your Pitch Whisperer can act as a liaison between you and the media contact who has responded. Please select the appropriate level from the drop-down when purchasing.

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