Private Training & Strategy Sessions

Connect with Tin Shingle's co-founder, Katie Hellmuth Martin for a Hourly Private Training Strategy Sessions. Through her role as leader of Tin Shingle's community, Katie has seen the inner workings of hundreds of businesses all over the country. As a publisher of a local online newspaper, A Little Beacon Blog, she has had the privilege of getting up close and personal with storefront-based businesses on Main Street to learn the intricacies of retail life.

At her design agency, Katie James Inc., Katie has produced dozens of custom-designed websites that offered different user experiences to different sorts of customers. She has run the behind-the-scenes of a website when it was featured on Daily Candy (remember those days?) and the Today Show, when high amounts of traffic used to crash websites. She was hired to keep it up and active to take as many orders as possible.

Databases come naturally to her, so whether your business depends on using different software like MindBody, Occasion, Square, or something custom or something she's never heard of, she can tackle it with you to harness its power to make it work to increase your sales.

Come with a list of what you want to cover, and get directives on what you can do to make your business needs and goals happen.Please contact us if you have any questions about this service.


We set up these 2 essential Tin Shingle Templates between you and Katie. These are Excel spreadsheets that are in Google Drive that we can both share.

  • PR Planning & Tracking Template
  • Content Planner 2018 (then you’ll get 2019)

These will help us plot out what story angles you are pitching the media, and to which media outlets, and when. These will also help with your own content strategy for your company’s blog, and for your social media. SEO will be part of your strategy as well, and that’s where your company blog comes in.

Katie keeps a log of what time was spent on what - on the phone, email, in the spreadsheets, reviewing pitches, etc. We do account for our time, so we need to be focused in our time together! Not to say we can’t dream and go off topic when needed. Because that’s also where big ideas happen.

Actions Katie Can Take Within The Training Time:

  • Researching who to pitch. This means reading the magazine or watching the TV show, and going down the Instagram rabbit hole for the best influencers for your product.
  • Reviewing who you found in your research.
  • Reviewing and editing your pitches. We do have a Pitch Writing Service should you be totally stuck.
  • Reviewing any changes your website and graphics team makes to your website and outreach materials.
  • Strategizing with you on who, what, and when to pitch story ideas, and what those story angles are.

Should you need design work for your outreach materials, like “postcard” images you would email to the media, or tweaks to your website, or images made just for social media, our in-house design agency, Katie James, Inc. can produce those. If you have your own agency you work with, that is great! Katie can work as a guide/producer for those images they produce.


Private Training Sessions are sold per hour, so if you need more than one hour, please select the number of hours in the Quantity box.


Training will be tailored to your needs, but can include:

    for Improved Design & Missed Opportunities
  • SEO
    for Better Organic (Free) Google Rankings and Customer Conversions, Katie Uses Creative Writing and Analysis Techniques
    for Best Ways to Use Facebook's Organic (Free) Tools
    for Representing Your Brand In This Visually Beautiful, Influential Environment
    for Improved Design + Content for Customer Conversions and Brand Loyalty
    Did you hear a TuneUp on Tin Shingle and want to know how to exactly apply it to your business? Book a Training Session for personalized ideas on how to apply the strategies to your business.
Private Training & Strategy Sessions
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