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Digital Marketing as Circuit Training

Day: Wednesday, June 20th, 2018
Time: 3:00 PM EST

Today’s Training TuneUp Webinar is going to pump you up! It’s treating your social media-ing as circuit training when you work out and tone up at the gym. We’re going to:

  • Cover some Motivation of Why you’re hitting certain social platforms and updating your website.
  • Feature a few Tin Shinglers who are doing a great job right now.
  • Rotate between Facebook, Instagram, Google, your Newsletter and your Website as the workout routine.
  • Give you a recommendation of an album to play to get your friendly but competitive juices flowing to help you put your brand out there.

Tune in today at 3pm for the live broadcast! The broadcast is free. They replay gets added to Tin Shingle’s collection of online training classes for Level 3 and 4 members to stream for free (anyone else can purchase single TuneUps, membership not required).


This Class is Phone and Computer Friendly:

  1. Call on the phone to listen.
  2. Stream from the phone - just hit play!
  3. Click to watch on the computer.