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Citizen Journalism 101 with Olivia Abel

Day:  Wednesday February 21st, 2018
Time: 3pm EST

Citizen Journalism 101

Local media and news has become reliant upon citizen journalists taking up the cause to start local blogs, inform their local social networks, join boards, and write blog articles for those initiatives.  Expert of all things editiorial, Olivia Abel will give us a complete  run-through in Journalism 101, from tech tips with voice recording apps, to ethics and best practice tips when reporting on a story.

Who Is Olivia Abel?

Olivia is a top editor and now professor of Communications. For a decade she served as editor-in-chief of Hudson Valley Magazin and has spent many years as a staff writer for PeopleVanity Fair, Country Living, and a freelancer for The New York Times. As a journalism expert and alumna of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Olivia currently works at Marist College as an Adjunct Professor and lives in Beacon, NY with her family.

This Class is Phone and Computer Friendly:

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