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What To Pitch This Month: December

Day: Wednesday, December 5th, 2018
Time: 3pm EST

During this Training TuneUp, we will guide you through your PR campaign for "long lead" pitches to print magazines, "short lead" pitching to regional magazines, and "right now" leads that you can capitalize on from news trends.

Right now, the magazines are working on Spring issues. That means Organizing, Spring Fashion, Taxes, etc.

We have a few Editorial Calendar themes to share with you from Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart, Departures, WOOD, Money, and others.

Plus, this TuneUp will include a special focus on how to "cold pitch" which is when you don't rely on an Editorial Calendar, but you pitch an editor or a writer with a story angle for an diea that might work for a projected time.

The Live Broadcast of this Training TuneUp is free. A recording is made and packaged up with the presentation notes, and made available for free to Tin Shingle’s Members of Level 3 (Online Classes) and 4 (All Access).