Member Tool: Tin Shingle's Media Contact Database


You can't tell the media and others about your amazing products, dazzling brands, and innovative services if you don't know how to reach them. Tin Shingle's live database has magazine editors, writers, TV producers, and experts at your fingertips. With over 3,000 names across industries that are updated regularly you can search by publication, media type, or area of interest.

How Do I Use Media Contacts?

Learn Who Likes What: Tin Shingle's live Media Contact Database includes areas of interest for the contact. Does that editor like to write about travel or parenting, women's rights or fitness? Knowing the interests of each writer helps your pitch become more revelant to each individual, getting their attention.

Connect & Interact on Social Media: The live database also includes where you can find that individual on social media. This is important. To build a relationship with someone takes interaction. Follow them on twitter, tag them in Instagram. Develop long term relationships with writers to learn their niches, also makign yourself, and you brand familar and of interest to them as well. 

Listen to this Online Class: How to Find The Right Media Contacts For Your Business. Learn the right publications to be pitching and connecting with, which may be different than your dream publication. Get tips on how to find the best contact and pitching strategies to help you succeed.

Where Do I Get TheSE Media Contacts?

In Tin Shingle's Member Center. There is over 3,000 names - see below for some categories! Access is available for Level 4 Members of Tin Shingle.

Current Media Contacts Available in Tin Shingle's Live Database

(All members can request a contact if they don't see it in our database.)

Industries Covered Include:
Too many to mention! To name a few:
Alcohol & Spirits
Holiday Gift Guides

Media Outlet Types Include:
Contributing Writers
On-Air Experts
Blogs & Websites

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