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A trained professional will write your press release in a way that is catchy, compelling and includes the details a writer or producer needs to know. The Buzz Builder behind this service is Olivia Abel, former editor-in-chief of the regional publication, the Hudson Valley Magazine. Olivia has also worked at and written for Vanity Fair, People Magazine, and others.

How It Works

  • Interview: Olivia will interview you about the details. This can happen by phone or email. Limit to one hour of emails/phone calls (one could talk for days about it!). 
  • Finished Piece: You will receive the press release in email format, and as a Word Document. We highly recommend you do not send it as an attachment, but copy and paste it into the body of your email. This is the fastest way a writer or producer will see the details.


For an additional charge, we can research up to 5 media contacts for you, and send it on your behalf. We always personalize our emails, so these are emailed individually. The press release will not be blanketed to 50 people, nor will it be submitted via a service, as we don't recommend doing so because it's not effective.

Follow Up

Further, we can also act as a liaison between you and an interested party. Please select the appropriate level from the dropdown when purchasing.


We highly recommend you embed an image or image collage with your press release. This adds enticement. If you have a picture or flyer that represents what you are promoting, great! If you don't we can design one for you for an additional charge. Pick the appropriate level from the dropdown below.

But Wait!

Before buying this service, look into Tin Shingle's Pitch Whisperer service to make sure that's not a better fit for what you're trying to reach writers and producers about.

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