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Tin Shingle is designed small (but mighty!) businesses, artists and makers who need to promote their business. An effective tool included in Level 1 and higher membership is Tin Shingle's Online Profiles. These profiles not only share what you do and who you are with other Tin Shingler's but, are SEO sexy and rank really well in Google - increasing your brand being viewed in Google searches across the world. 

Personal Profile

Share your accomplishments and the reason for why you started your business. Include your business websites, blogs, and social links. Everything you promote on the Tin Shingle website will be connected to your personal profile. Your profile is public and potential customers and clients can read it.

Business Profile

Promote your business on Tin Shingle's website. All editorial and promotional opportunities are linked to your Business Profile at Tin Shingle. If you run more than one business or venture, you may create a different profile for it.