Airline Magazine's Editorial Calendars Are Here


Do You Want Your Brand Seen By 16 Million Readers

One popular airline magazine reaches an audience of just that many passengers. That is a lot of people! Here are some more reasons you really should be thinking of pitching your brand to them. According to Ink Travel Media:

  • 74% of people read a magazine on the plane
  • Travellers are 50% more engaged reading inflight that when on the ground
  • Travel media has the most affluent readership in the world
  • Inflight media is always inspiring and positive
  • Passenger numbers are growing year on year by 3 to 5%
  • Travel media reaches real people without being a digital distraction
  • All travel media is targeted

Tin Shingle Pumps You With Ideas To Pitch To Inflight Magazines

Tin Shingle provides editorial calendars for these magazines in our live private database. (Access to live lists are for Level 4 members of Tin Shingle only.) These calendars contain story ideas straight from the editor, that will be published in an upcoming issue. These give you a huge head start to tailor your pitch ideas and catch an editor's attention. These magazines are currently live in Tin Shingle's Database:

  • American Way (American Airlines)
  • Hemispheres (United Airlines)

These are soon to come: 

  • Sky Magazine (Delta Airlines)
  • Caribbean Beat (Caribbean Airlines)
  • Rhapsody (United)
  • KiaOra (Air New Zealand)
  • Open Skies (Emirates)
  • Wings (EuroWings Airline)
  • Southwest: The Magazine

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2018 Editorial Calendars Added

What's New:

These calendars are now active in Tin Shingle's live Editorial Calendar Database. More are added and updated weekly. 

  1. Better Homes & Gardens
  2. Martha Stewart Living
  3. Martha Stewart Weddings
  4. Bella NYC
  5. Departures
  6. Brooklyn Magazine
  7. Car & Driver
  8. Bridal Guide
  9. Boston Magazine
  10. Boston Home
  11. Saveur
  12. Rachael Ray Every Day
  13. Allrecipes
  14. American Hunter
  15. House Beautiful
  16. Cross Country Skier
  17. Backcountry Magazine
  18. Advertising Age
  19. AARP The Magazine
  20. Pregnancy & Newborn
  21. Backpacker Magazine
  22. Shape
  23. Spirituality & Health
  24. Modern Luxury/Boston Common
  25. Boys' Life
  26. Family Circle
  27. Family Fun
  28. Girls' Life
  29. Traditional Home
  30. Veranda
  31. Atlanta Magazine
  32. New York Magazine
  33. Atlanta's Magazine Home
  34. HGTV Magazine
  35. Woman's Day
  36. Elle Decor
  37. Allure
  38. Better Nutrition
  39. Bloomberg Business
  40. Bon Appétit
  41. Bust
  42. Glamour
  43. BookForum
  44. Clean Eating
  45. More to come!

Inflight Magazines:

  1. Hemispheres
  2. American Way

Sneak Peek Into Themes Planned

Knowing what direction a magazine is planning to cover is a huge advantage! It allows you to curate ideas that will interest the editor and direct their attention towards your product, service, business, or expert advice. These are some upcoming themes to be printed in 2018.

  • A "GAL-entine’s" chocolate and flowers gathering + date night steakhouse-style
  • The Destination Issue.  The ultimate guide to unforgettable luxury experiences within the chosen destination.
  • Mother’s Day scents and candles + curated gift boxes for Mom
  • DIY IT: Do it or design it yourself. Instant upgrades to elevate your home, meals, and style.
  • Modern entertaining at a “grown-up summer camp” + beachy bashes
  • Girl boss beauty advice + thicker, fuller hair fast
  • 60-second de-stressors

All editorial themes are from editors themselves and are subject to change.

Editorial Calendars are available to level 4 members of Tin Shingle only. Upgrade your membership for instant access. Send in media contact or editorial calendar requests to

TV Segment Looking For Gift Guide Product


We have to keep most of the juicy details private - and available to Tin Shingle Members Only at Level 4, but here’s what we can share with you (upgrade or login for full contact details and pitching tips):


  • Gifts that chill you out and relax you for the holiday season
  • Gifts for your teacher that are not boring or office supplies
  • Gifts for pooches, cats, and the owners who love them
  • Everything a holiday hostess needs to throw an amazing party from food to decor


Deadline is soon and submissions are already rolling in!



Email and further details are available to Level 4 Tin Shingle Members

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So Many Creative Ways to Film a Mannequin Challenge


Filling your Instagram feed with fresh ideas can be challenging at times, which is where Internet trends come in! Such as the currently trending rage, #MannequinChallenge, which is when people pose in interesting actions, and the camera floats between them, giving you a micro-glimpse into an emotion or experience within that setting.

When I saw my first Mannequin Challenge on Instagram, it was by accident, and I didn't know what I was watching, or why. The visual strength held my attention, and despite it looking freaky cool, I neglected to think about it as a marketer and its awesome powers of showing my business in a new light. Until Christa Page, co-founder of, hosted a pop-up shop in our office and declared to me that she challenged herself to do a Mannequin Challenge during the shop's Happy Hour.

Of course! Brilliance! And she did a great job, in only one take! Look at all of those people in the shop!

The Effect of a Mannequin Challenge

The freeze frame style of action is immediately captivating. The eye can focus on people frozen in an action, without having to look everywhere in a video to see what people are doing and miss. The director(s) of the Mannequin Challenge can create the desired scene of how they wish their customers, clients, browsers, happy people, thoughtful people, whatever people are in their space. The poses immediately emit what your brand offers and stands for.

The Background of a Mannequin Challenge

The Internet credits several with the origin of the Mannequin Challenge, from Millennials (they get credited with everything!), to Zack Morris doing the original Mannequin Challenge from Saved By the Bell when he would yell "Timeout!" and the cast would freeze while he pondered something. My landlord, Deborah Bigelow of Gilded Twig,  a very wise woman who maybe has listened to every podcast ever, immediately connected the concept to a John Huston movie staring Stacy Keach in Fat City, in which Huston called for a freeze frame at the end of the movie. Keach discusses this tactic with Alec Baldwin during an interview on "Here's The Thing".

In Huston's freeze frame, the camera focuses on men at a gambling table, but it's really Keach's reaction to his surroundings that is the focus. For Zack Morris, the people around him may freeze in animated poses, but the focus is on Zack's monologue. The difference between the Mannequin Challenge that is happening now is that no one talks, the focus is on the frozen people, and the takeaway is on the action they are taking.

Just like with everything, the Collective Thought is at play here, and while the concept is not new, the application is unique to now.

How You Can Do A Mannequin Challenge!

Yes, you! You may think your brand is boring, or uneventful, or not fit for a Mannequin Challenge, but start thinking of what happens around you, and a scene will unfold that will be captivating!

Of course, you want to do this in order to get into the wildly popular hashtag #mannequinchallenge, but you also want to show what your brand is all about.

What Makes a Great Mannequin Challenge?

Let's dissect this for a moment. There seem to be a few rules, but being a business owner, you'll, of course, want to break or bend them:

  • Many People: The most interesting videos seem to have 5-20 people in them. If you don't have that many people in your office or shop, invite friends in for a Mannequin Challenge Day. Offer them wine. They will come.
  • Music: Right now, the "official" song that plays in the background is “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd. But...being a creative person, you may want to play your own jingle selection here, like Garuda Indonesia did on their Boeing 777-300ER plane.
  • Grand Poses and Plain Poses: What would people do naturally in your space? What do you wish they would do? This can include:
    • Dancing
    • Buying something
    • Looking at something, considering it
    • Dropping something!
    • Making a phone call
    • Hanging a picture
    • Moving a child away from your workspace
    • Answering the door
    • Talking to a co-worker in the hall
    • Serving someone their meal at a table

You can see the list is endless and very fun to start thinking about. The pose a person takes could be indicative of their personality and reflect what they love doing.

Examples of Mannequin Challenges

This is some of the most fun homework ever. There have been many types of videos, so take a look to get some ideas. Definitely hit up the #mannequinchallenge hashtag in Instagram to get loads of ideas. in the Pop-Up Shop in A Little Beacon Blog's Space

Of course you have to watch the one in my office first :) Christa, co-owner of the shop is in the frame handing a shopping bag to a customer. The rest of the people are customers, families and friends.

Garuda Indonesia On The Plane

This video has a lot of poses in action, and really makes you feel like you A. want to fly, and B. want to fly first class. I'm a road-tripper, so am rarely on planes, but this makes flying look hassle-free. Plus, they went rougue with their music choice, and picked something closer to Enya:

ALS' "The Never Ending Mannequin Challenge"

AdWeek dubbed this Mannequin Challenge as the first branded challenge that was produced by an organization for promotional purposes. The video packs a powerful punch at the end, making it one that takes advantage of a light-hearted trend that many are involved with, and showing the definition of ALS in one frame. Pretty amazing.

Rae Sremmurd Dos His Own Mannequin Challenge

Rae Sremmurd made a Mannequin Challenge video to his song "Black Beetles", and of course broke a rule - the performers went into motion after a few moments of themselves - and their audience - being frozen. Pretty neat.

So...What kind of Mannequin Challenge are you going to create?

Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Your PR and Marketing Campaign: Must Knows for Big Sales

It’s no secret that the retail world has been dealing with a lot these days.  Whether you’re a “big box” retailer or a small business, whether you're selling online or via a brick & mortar store, you’ve no doubt felt the blow of the depressed economy.  That said, despite economic woes, shoppers will be lining up virtually and braving the cold weather in “real life”  outside of stores to kick off the holiday shopping season during this month’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales . This means that if you are a small business that doesn’t have thousands (to millions) of dollars to spend on advertising these sales you’re going to be relying on things like do-it-yourself public relations & marketing, social media and perhaps your company’s newsletter to get the word out about your sale.

Before doing any more sales strategizing, be sure you review these tips in order to maximize yoru Black Friday and Cyber Monday buzz, and create some new and return customers in the process!

Prepare NOW:  If you don’t know what you’ll be discounting or selling via your Cyber Monday or Black Friday sales, prepare now.  This means getting the copy ready for your website, your newsletters and the press who may be asking about your deals; prepping and testing discount codes (you don’t want any mistakes costing you sales on the big day) and checking to be sure your inventory, packaging and all else is ready to go!

Double Discounts Opportunities for Future Sales:  Once a customer enters your virtual or brick & mortar store they’re already telling you they are excited enough about your product/store to check it out, and that’s when you hit ‘em with discount #1, the specific Cyber Monday or Black Friday discounts you want to share.  But don’t stop there!  Encourage future sales by creating a second discount code or gift certificate that shoppers will receive after their purchase.  This can be sent via email if you run an e-commerce site or via a physical voucher if you are in a brick & mortar store.  This is a great way to capitalize on all the web and foot traffic coming into your store, and to begin creating a long term relationship with future and current customers.

Make it a Triple (Sale), Tell a Friend:  Everyone loves telling their friends about the great deals they snagged or are planning on snagging during the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy.  Remind your customers to tell a friend about your upcoming sale or make it easy for them by allowing them to share the sale directly from your website or via a promo card they can pick up at your store and physically give to a friend.  Your newsletter (if you have one) should also have a place they can forward the message along to a friend.  It’s human nature to want to share great scoop or news, so make it easy to share news of your sale, and you could snag even more sales!

Flash Sales within a Sale:  Ready to really kick it up a notch?  With the help of social media and a few properly placed pitches, you can really rev up sales by running flash sales throughout the day on specific items that come and go, thus creating a sense or urgency to BUY NOW!  An example?  What if Tin Shingle member Object Mythology discounted all her cozy alpaca gloves throughout Cyber Monday but from 12-2 pm only she did an additional discount on her infinity scarves.  People who may have been on the fence would have extra incentive to buy, before the sale ended.  Perhaps propreneur Simply Sweet Arrangements is doing a day long free shipping sale from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, but on Monday from midnight to 12 noon she also did an additional 25% off all orders.  That’s extra incentive to buy!

Socialize your Sale:  Help your message go viral by buzzing about the sales you’re offering leading up to the big shopping days and then throughout the shopping weekend via your company’s Facebook & Twitter.  This will help news of your sale go viral even faster!  If you’re tweeting your sale, be sure you check out which hashtags are trending in regards to Black Friday & Cyber Monday, and include those hashtags on your tweets!  Want to up the ante even more?  Include a SPECIAL bonus (maybe a free shipping offer, early access to sales or an extra ten percent off) for your loyal social media followers!

Pitch, pitch pitch – to the Right People!  Keep in mind that the stories going up about Black Friday & Cyber Monday are short lead stories – this means they will be appearing on television, websites, blogs, and some newspapers.  This is not the time to be pitching long lead outlets (monthly magazines) because these editors are already planning spring issues.  Instead, reach out to the outlets (especially large blogs and websites) that match the niche of the product you’re selling whose readers or viewers would be interested in your product.  This is also a great time to send your sale information to experts and shopping gurus who regularly appear on television talking about these types of sales. 

Finally, look for opportunities to share your sale via pr lead generators such as HARO and the Tin Shingle PR Leads.  Members of Tin Shingle can also post their sales in our Events section, which we will “socialize” via our website, newsletter, Facebook & Twitter, and pass along to any media looking for Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales information!

Be Honest about your Fulfillment Schedule:  Several of your customers will be purchasing their holiday gifts via your sale.  If it will take you 2 weeks plus to fulfill their order, let them know prior to them purchasing your item.  There’s no sense in generating lots of sales if you’re also going to generate angry customer responses!  The best way is through a forewarning and honesty.  Speaking of order fulfillment, make sure you have an internal system in place, should you need extra hands on deck to man orders and shipments!

Despite the economy, the shopping "show" will go on, and you want to be sure customers looking for a great deal and a great gift find you, get to know you and continue to shop from you!  Follow our tips, plan ahead and use this Black Friday & Cyber Monday time to build retail relationships with customers for now and into the future!

Gwyneth's Goop 2.0: The Website Is Making a Comeback. Do You Want Your Business Featured in Goop/

Gwyneth Paltrow has been on the covers of a few magazines this summer, most notably Fast Company, which likes to put female celebrities on the cover who are running businesses. So is goop making a comeback? Is it a media darling to pay attention to for your own press, or even to sell your product on? Internet-wise, people love to smear Gwyneth in snarky comments. But do those opinions matter anymore, when goop has a track record of moving, as Gwyneth states, "hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars of product, and millions of dollars of product for other brands"?

I am exploring this, and have found very telling clues that yes, goop is going to make a comeback, and that it should be on your radar and in your Media Tracking Sheet as a newsletter/website to be featured on. Here's the line from Gwyneth in the Fast Company article that convinced me: "I've made commitments to people, and I've taken their money. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that the brand scales." Let's look at the history to see how this growth spurt is going to happen...

When Gwyneth Paltrow launched goop from her kitchen in 2008, her newsletter and online magazine that shows how to live an elevated lifestyle, Daily Candy was the must-have newsletter to be featured in as a business. goop was the must-have website design foundation that businesses in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries were clamoring to achieve and were ordering redesigns of their websites to look more like goop's. Clean, simple, beautiful. I know this because I had just hung my shingle as a website designer, and a website design that looked like goop was the #1 request I got. Followed by: "How do I get featured in Daily Candy?"

Goop featured very expensive products - $975 Bottega Veneta riding boots, a $4,700 juicer, a $2,000 safety pin earring (just one), and more luxury items. When Gwyneth and goop embraced a model to monetize the website, they pursued selling limited-edition products directly from the website, the first piece being a very plain white shirt, the price was $90. The Internet threw rotten tomatoes at the price, but it sold out. In 2012, goop brought in $1.5 million, though it was $40,000 shy from showing income. According to the Fast Company article, it had $1.2 million in debt on the books.

CLUE #1: Gwyneth likes limited-edition, high-quality, well-packaged, expensive items.

Here we are in 2015, and Gwyneth has been pretty busy raising children, making movies, writing cookbooks, opening high-end gyms and fitness empires, and consciously uncoupling from her spouse.

CLUE #2: She's recently hired the former CEO of Martha Stewart, Lisa Gersh, who pursued "contextual commerce" at Martha Stewart, with the vision that editorial could be blended with business, as people read about product and then bought it. This basic idea has been happening for years, albeit in different forms. A most obvious form would be affiliate advertising, where you click on a special link from within an article and the website owner gets a commission if you buy the product. Another form could be in branded content, where a media outlet is paid to write an article about a product. But Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia had followed a traditional media path, and had trouble blending with this belief. Says Gersh in a Fast Company article: "It's hard to change cultures."

Back to Gwyneth, and why goop has been off your radar for a few years. Gwyneth built goop slowly, and apparently, as she said to Anjali Mullany, the author of the Fast Company article, when referring to her early days of writing and sending the goop newsletter: "When I think back on it, I'm afraid to press SEND."

CLUE #3: Hold the phones, people. This means that Gwyneth herself was writing the newsletter and pressing send. What you received in your inbox was an email that Gwyneth herself had touched. Part of why goop grew so slowly was because Gwyneth wanted to personally sign off on each and every recommendation. There is no indication that she is looking to change that, since goop is so tied back to her philosophies, despite a staff of 25, and other writers being able to write travel and other recommendations.

Goop is a website and newsletter that offers style, food, and wellness recommendations from Gwyneth Paltrow and her trusted circle of experts, spiritual thinkers, and alternative health professionals. It is a shoppable lifestyle brand that places all emphasis on trust between the team at goop and the readers.
1 million newsletter subscribers
3,75 million page views per month
Headquartered in LA (previously in the U.K.)
A staff of 25 people


Products featured at goop must:

  • be beautiful
  • be packaged beautifully
  • elevate a person's life to extreme beauty or comfort
  • not care about price point.

Goop does feature products in editorial, and they also pride themselves on working directly with designers called "Goop Product Collaborations", where they do receive a portion of sales for all items that are sold on goop. When you pitch goop, you will be pitching for a retail partnership, or an editorial feature opportunity. You should know which one before you pitch.

Goop is not bothered with gifts under $100. Most gift recommendations, for instance, are an easy $500, like this earring for $520 (yeah, just one earring). You may find something for $6, but it's a card. This is great news for high-end luxury designers who make limited-edition runs and struggle with traditional media outlets who insist on high-volume in order to satisfy the purchasing habits of their readers and viewers.

There is a void now for an extreme needle-moving Best Of The Best List. With Daily Candy gone, and Oprah's list in a different format, there are very few life-changing lists for businesses to covet. Of course there are lists at People Magazine and so forth, but there is currently a void in gamechangers that filmmakers study and make documentaries of, now that media is shifting and new crowns will sit on different heads. Goop is not there yet, but could be. Gwyneth, albeit subtle in her style, is ethereal in her recommendations, with her editorial team trained to find and showcase that refined style. This makes for a pretty good source of a recommendation, one that people hold as truth.

So yeah, you want this. Tin Shingle has updated its Media Contact Database with editorial contacts at goop for Premium Members of Tin Shingle should you want to pitch the outlet. Remember, there is a lot more than just getting a name. You've got to write the right pitch, come up with a subject line that reads like a page-turner, and present them with a very good reason of why their readers would love your product, tips or recommendations. Tin Shingle gives you a lot of these ideas in our webinar TuneUps that you can download at anytime.

Good luck! Tweet to us your thoughts @tinshingle!

What to Pitch in July: The Long (Lead) & The Short (Lead) Of It

I'm writing you this on the eve of a Fourth of July weekend that I'm determined will be filled with sun, swimming, relaxing, fireworks and delicious summer treats.  Which is why it feels funny that we're beginning this "What to Pitch the Press in July" monthly series with this warning: you need to begin thinking about your holiday PR outreach. Now. Yesterday. All month long!  Yes, that's right. Whether you're sharing products for holiday gift guides or want to land your tips in a holiday issue (big readership, folks) now is the time to begin strategizing and pitching the press.  Early birds always get worms and these big, juicy worms of opportunities are plucked quickly.  So that's your first what to pitch teaser.  It's also a big topic to cover so get your head start this way: Watch this #TuneUp webinar where we talk about it more in depth, and stay tuned to the Tin Shingle newsletter because this month we're doing a full and in-depth Holiday Pitching Training that you must attend!  Now onto a few more things you should be creating stories about this month...

A Little More Long Lead: Thanksgiving:

It's time to get grateful, well it is in the land of many a monthly magazine.  That means it's time to get your Thanksgiving-themed pitches out.  Whether you are a product or service doesn't matter, you just have to fit the season.  Here's where you're going to go with this (pick ideas that suit you): How to stay healthy during Thanksgiving, hostess gifts, the power of gratitude, entertaining tips and tricks, Turkey Day recipes, vacation safety, how to make the most of your in-laws, how to prepare your business for Black Friday or Small Biz Saturday (not do not share your actual sale ideas, more on that in this #TuneUp).  If you need some inspiration or ideas specific to certain outlets, just check past issues (online or at the library) to get a feel for the type of seasonal stories they do!

All Things Summer Continues:

Here's a brain dump for you, find some angles that you could spin your brand into: Summer parties, summer safety, bug bites and poison ivy, family reunions, road trips, festivals, parties, summer recipes, summer work out plans, how to stay safe in the heat, how to work out in the heat, how to keep you pets safe in the heat, how to save money on air conditioning in the heat...

Your goal here is to think of story ideas that add value to the readers or viewers who are getting it, and that fit into this peak summer season. 

Bring on the Celebrations & Observances:

July is packed with long lead and short lead observances you can be spinning stories around.  For instance:

  1. Bastille Day (July 14) - All things French - get creative!
  2. National Picnic Month
  3. UV Safety Month
  4. National Blueberry Month
  5. International Day of Friendship (July 30)

Want access to what stories are hot for pitching or blog posts every month of the year? Download this customizable Blog Planning Calendar - we already did the research for you!

SmallBizSpotlightInterview: Meet Dentist Turned Pillow Dr. Dawn Jones

What leads a dentist to invent the "perfect pillow"?  Where do you even start on that quest as an entrepreneur?  And why is everyone going crazy about it?  Find out in this exclusive Small Biz Spotlight interview with Dr. Dawn Jones-Sylla...

By trade, you are a dentist and own your own practice, which means we have to ask, what led you to embark on a mission to create the “perfect pillow” (where both comfort and hairstyles are concerned)?

I had always struggled with preserving my own freshly done hairstyles.  I had even trained myself to sleep a certain way at night.  A few years ago, while watching the movie Memoirs of a Geisha, I envisioned the solution to this lifelong struggle.

Let’s go back to the start of your business:  how hard is the pillow industry to figure out and break into?  Where did you start the process?

The pillow industry has not been too difficult to navigate.  It was challenging sifting through all the information regarding state regulations for registration and sales tax, but we got through it.  It was also very challenging to connect with a manufacturer that was willing to fabricate a uniquely-shaped pillow. 

In your journey to produce the Hair Pillow, what were some of the tasks you could figure out and complete on your own, and what were some tasks you have to call on others for support in order to do them correctly?

My personality is such that I think that I can do anything.  For instance, I attempted to create my own pattern for the Hair Pillow and sew it (Note: I do not have any prior training in pattern making or sewing).  I soon came to the conclusion that, although I could probably do this, a trained professional could create the prototype quicker and better than I could.  The same held true for submitting my patent application.

Although I have hired a patent attorney to properly submit my patent application, I have been able to successfully submit my trademark applications.

What makes your Hair Pillow different than other pillows on the market?

The obvious:  It is uniquely shaped, comfortably supportive, and attractive.

The most important: It really works! (Beauty bloggers agree)

How do you balance both businesses – managing your practice in New York City with a growing product-based business?  Any tips for other “dual entrepreneurs” who may be reading this?

Balance you say?  Did I mention that I have a five-year-old? There have been times when I have had to sacrifice and put one business on

the back burner while I nurtured and grew the other business.  I have found that in order to maintain a certain degree of balance, four things hold true:

  1. You must make it clear to yourself what you want to happen, or rather, clearly define your goals.
  2. You can’t do it by yourself: You must hire good workers to fill positions and actively delegate.
  3. You must put yourself on a schedule and stick to it.
  4. You must decide to believe that what you want to happen will happen. 

I have found that simply making a decision can cause doors to open, sometimes immediately.

What – if any – have you found is different in terms of running a service business (your dental practice) as opposed to a product-based business (the hair pillow)?

There is definitely less overhead associated with my product based business.  Marketing efforts for both businesses are completely different.  There are patient referral services established that

dentists can sign on with and patients will come.  Marketing the Hair Pillow requires me to be more creative and consistent.  Marketing the Hair Pillow and completing the administrative work for my dental office is where balance sometimes gets thrown off.

What are some of your entrepreneurial dreams for the Hair Pillow – and in general?

My entrepreneurial dreams for the Hair Pillow are:

  • To truly improve the quality of life for all those in pursuit of maintaining good hair and/or attaining a good night’s rest.  
  • To have the Hair Pillow featured as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things and in other major media.
  • To have the Hair Pillow endorsed somehow by a major influencer.
  • To have strong online sales every month and a strong presence in major and minor retail stores.

My entrepreneurial dream overall is to grow Lifestyle Pillows by developing and bringing to the market other concepts created to help one live a better quality of life.