2019 Town & Country Editorial Calendar Added To Tin Shingle's Member-Only Collection

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Town & Country’s 2019 Editorial Calendar has been added to Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection, available to Level 4 All Access Members of Tin Shingle to search and browse through at any time! Along with dozens of other Editorial Calendars at the same time!

About Town & Country Mission

A heritage brand with an un-yielding dedication to a life well lived, Town & Country refines, instructs, and amuses its readers through an ever-evolving dialogue. As the ultimate lifestyle authority, T&C provides a clear lens into the historical significances of the past with a deep responsibility to inform and influence the present.

Town & Country Editorial Projected for 2019

In Town & Country’s 2019 Editorial Calendar, you’ll of course discover when their Holiday issue is, but also when a special Travel section is woven in. And did you know they are having a Beauty and Wellness issue? It’s true, and that means a lot of different opportunities available to our small business friends.

Town & Country will be having their usual Summer issue, but when will the special 50 Philanthropists spotlight happen? You’ll see in their 2019 Editorial Calendar. And who wouldn’t mix Modern Swans with the Fall Fashion Issue - none other than Town & Country. Learn this and more in Town & Country’s 2019 Editorial Calendar, easily readable and searchable by category of interest and by submission deadline in Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection.

Stay Liberated - Editorial Calendars Are Simply Inspiration Bases

While we encourage you to pitch Town & Country any day of the year for any reason you think is a great fit for their readers, you can now easily find insight into their year ahead with Town & Country’s 2019 Editorial Calendar. While magazines make editorial calendars available to anyone and everyone in their Media Kits, Tin Shingle likes to make it super easy for our business owners, makers and artisans to sleuth in one place, and get inspired to pitch.

Tip: Use with Tin Shingle’s exclusive PR Planner Template to track who you want to pitch, when you want to pitch them, and when you did it.

Training TuneUp Ready To Stream: "Pitching Local Media"


Just in time for your quiet down time in between family during this holiday season, Tin Shingle’s latest original Training TuneUp “Pitching Local Media” is ready for you to stream. See real-life pitches to the media that worked and didn’t, and find out why.

Getting featured in local media can be a great boost to your brand. Learn more about this TuneUp and how this approach incorporates into your overall marketing and publicity strategy.

Allure's 2019 Editorial Calendar Available In Tin Shingle's PR Center

Allure Magazine’s 2019 Editorial Calendar has been added to Tin Shingle's Members-Only Searchable Editorial Calendar Collection. Easily find out the monthly themes for 2019 for this magazine and others in our PR Center. Will you be featured in their 2019 Anti-Anti Aging Issue this year? What about the Wellness and Energy Issue that focuses on how to get and keep the energy? Or the Culture of Beauty Issue?

Membership with Tin Shingle makes it easier and more approachable to pitch big magazines with your amazing brand. Education gives courage. Learn more about membership here.

Press Portfolio: Tin Shinglers In The News! Runner's World, eBella, and Others...

Getting featured in the media is a major deal! Tin Shingle created an entire section of our website - the Press Portfolio - just to feature when our small business, artist and maker members get this kind of exposure. Here are a few recent PR hits from our Tin Shingle Members!

katie highlands current making the magic.jpeg

Tin Shingle's co-creator Katie's most recent monthly column in the Highland Current newspaper was published, and explores her bout with a Bah Humbug Christmas last year, a gift request that went bust, and her return to a Mariah Carey themed Christmas once again.

christi ebella november 2018 growing tips.jpeg

Christi Lavoy, founder of Botanistix, the pretty orchid support stakes, had an article of orchard tips published in eBella Magazine. Right off the bat, she tells you about the easiest way to kill an orchid, and the one thing you can do to prevent it.

fluid running migration injured and cant run.jpeg

If you're a runner, your biggest fear is not being able to run. Jennifer Conroyd is changing all of that, by making it easier for you to run in water with the app she developed in the app-kit Fluid Running. Runner's World was so impressed, they devoted entire feature to it.

shes her own ceo women entrepreneurship week.jpeg

Bursting onto the TV circuit to talk about women and entrepreneurship is Kathryn Brooks, seen here with Gregory L. Funderburg Jr. for News Channel 9 WTVC on Good Morning Chattanooga.

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The Start of 2019 Editorial Calendars At Magazines Are Rolling In



UPDATE 1/27/2019: Dozens of your favorite magazine editorial calendars for 2019 have been added to Tin Shingle Member-Only PR Center. You can search through them any time by Areas of Interest, or by Magazine Name. Editorial Calendars for 2019 include Allure, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Essence, Rolling Stone, Southern Living, Town and Country, Elle, Inc. Magazine, Men’s Health, Money, and so many others. See the full 2019 Editorial Calendar list here. You can join Tin Shingle as a member to get instant access to our collection!

Editorial Calendars are the grand themes that a magazine rallies around each month or quarter. Magazines want the best of the best, so they make these available to the public to know about. To make your life easier, Tin Shingle goes out and gathers all of them to put them into our searchable database to have these ideas at your fingertips.

Search by Magazine Title or Area of Interest, let your ideas form, and start pitching these magazines! Members of Tin Shingle at the All Access Level of membership have instant access to these lists. Learn more about our Editorial Calendar collection. Pitching magazines goes best with Tin Shingle’s PR Planning & Tracking Template, so download that and get started!

  • AARP

  • allrecipes

  • Better Homes & Gardens

  • Centurion (Luxury Magazine)

  • Cosmopolitan

  • Eating Well

  • Departures (In-Flight Magazine)

  • Health

  • Martha Stewart Living

  • Money

  • Parents

  • Rachael Ray Everyday


Cosmo is rallying around a few hashtags in upcoming issues, namely #Glamming and #FreeToHaveFun. You'll learn this is Cosmo's Editorial Calendar, and we updated Tin Shignle's Instagram Hashtag Cheat Sheet, in the "What Hashtags Magazines Are Using Now"

Better Homes & Gardens
Editorial is shaping up for summer parties, picnics, and a "cocktail garden." What? Sounds good! Can your brand fit in here as a feature? Pitch it!

Editorial is shaping up for the best stocks, bonds, ETFs, and profitable investment strategies. There is a lot more planned for Money, so how can your business fit into an article feature? Pitch it!

“Making the Magic” Column In Highlands Current Out Now

Even though I am a blogger, and have been so for many years, I have found it quite uncomfortable writing a personal column! Most of the articles I write for A Litle Beacon Blog or for Tin Shingle talk about a subject that is not me, even though part of my personal experience may be woven into the article. Here at Time Shingle, I let my biases or opinion show more than I do at A Little Beacon Blog, but that’s just a style choice.

For December’s column, I wanted to contribute joy to the world during the season, but wanted to be honest too, because financially and emotionally, it can be a very hard month for people. And those people may stay silent about it in their own night.

Also, what I’ve noticed about the column, is that people love print! They love seeing it in print! My own husband bought me a binder to clip and save these columns into. I don’t think he’s printed any of my blog articles! That’s how I know that print is not dead (ahem, Glamour, I wish you’d change your mind, Ms. Barry! We need your firey fierceness in print!). Actually I noticed this when I started A Little Beacon Blog. My digital publication may reach more people, but print makes a special imprint for people. Even ads, people would clip out.

Therefore I present to you, this month’s column for the Highlands Current , “Kid Friendly,” Out on newsstands now. Last year, I had a Bah Humbug Christmas, and this column explores it. I was trying to get with Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” but instead was vibing “Where Are You Christmas?” sung by Faith Hill from the human Grinch movie (not the cartoon). I made some discoveries, and this year am fully in Making the Magic mode, hence the title of the article, but it took a few adjustments to get there...


Here is a behind the scenes of me writing the column during a night shift of work while my husband put the kids to bed. Or that’s what he was supposed to do anyway :) 


Alright, Monday, What You Got For Me?

quote alright monday what you got for me.png

Hello and Happy Monday!

Mondays can be deliveries of good news in the form of people following up from outreach you did during the previous week. If you've been building upon your foundation of outreach, then opportunities begin to trickle in to you - which is always the dream. To help you continue to create your own luck, we have some tips for you:

Here's How You're Going To Have A Great Monday

  • Don't Rely On Your Brain
    Make your lists. Have paper in your bag or pocket, and/or your Notes or Calendar app open on your phone. The biggest trap to losing control of a Monday is thinking you know what you need to do, but forgetting the most important parts. Stick to your list. It's your boss.

  • Send That Invoice!
    This has been a re-emerging theme - people who do good work for people, then procrastinate sending the invoice, and then throwing the invoice out the window all together, fearing it too late. It's not! Send the invoice with a smile.

  • Reach Out To That Store aka Wholesale Account
    You need a new account, and now is a good time to reach out. You may close the deal in the new year, or possibly if you're local, the store wants the inventory now if they are having a good holiday season.

  • Do Fitness
    If it's stretching in the middle of the day, a quick set of pushups in the middle of your office, or walking to the grocery store. Move around! Get that blood moving and those those endorphins pumping. A fun stretch to do is the Back Stroke: move your arms in backward circles while sitting down or standing up.

  • Pitch Someone Who Would Be A Great Fit
    If you sell sponsorships, for a university or a foundation or anything, think of a company or individual who would be a great fit to sponsor what you do, and reach out to them. Feel the enthusiasm you see in the partnership, and let that enthusiasm come out in your email to them.

And, Happy Last Night of Hanukkah! Today is going to be a great day, even if you're snowed in down South. Today is Motivation Monday pretty much everywhere, but at Tin Shingle, it's also Money Monday. Go out there and make some. You can do it!

Want These Water Bottles - 50 Strong

We get exposure to so many great products and people designing them! Hello new Tin Shingle Member, 50 Strong ! And they are from Lima, OH to boot! We are OH proud via Cleveland and Columbus!

Thanks to 50 Strong’s social media, we see they participated in a Walmart initiative to highlight Made In America on retail shelves. 50 Strong shared the stage with two other Ohio companies: Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter and RedHead Wine.   

Way to hustle and make it happen!  and welcome to Tin Shingle!


Featuring Your Success Stories for Valentine's Day Gift Guides

Hello and Happy Monday!

If you've been in this game for a while, you'll know that your next big chance for Holiday Gift Guides is happening now - and it's Valentine's Day. This week's live Tin Shingle TuneUp is focusing on how to pitch Valentine's Day Gift Guides. The bigger magazines have already filled this, but you have a chance elsewhere.

We Want To Feature Your Gift Guide Success Story

Did you land a Valentine's Day Gift Guide? Are you a business owner, artist or maker who did this? Are you a PR professional who did this? We want to hear from all of you.

We are sharing success stories during this week's Tin Shingle Training TuneUp - if you send them.
Contact us here with how you did it. Can be a quick email - just let us know! We want to feature your clever tricks.