FAQ's: Your Questions Answered


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"Do I have to be a PR professional to join?"

You do not! We designed the Premium Membership for small businesses who needs to get the word out and are working in-house with their own team, or have added the PR and Marketing hat to their job description. Our classes and articles are written with you in mind, so will be in "normal" language that you can understand. Plus, if you have questions, you can always ask fellow members about it in our private member-only forum, which is moderated by Tin Shingle's co-founders Katie and Sabina.

Are you a PR agency or provide social media services?

No. Our membership program is an empowerment tool for business owners and their teams to run marketing and PR in-house. When you use our PR tools such as the Media Contacts and PR Leads, you'll have a powerful set of tools to pitch the press. When you promote your products or services in the different areas of this website, you will increase your brand's chances of being recommended by search engines like Google. We know how search engines work, and we create editorial opportunities to help your brand deliver its message in authentic ways. Marketing in search engines is VERY important to your bottom line, in terms of increasing sales, attracting the press who are literally searching for you in Google, etc. We create opportunities to help get your brand in those search recommendations. Our education program includes SEO so that you can make powerful decisions when it comes to your website.


I have a PR agency on retainer. What more would a membership with Tin Shingle do for my business?

Opportunities you will learn about from Tin Shingle will enhance and can work with what your PR team is working on for your business. Some of our Premium Members retain an agency while using Tin Shingle for additional coverage and insight. If you have an intern or staff member dedicated to your outreach, put them in charge of your Tin Shingle account to really generate big ideas of how to increase your brand's awareness online and in the press. If you are running the ship all by yourself, you will enjoy the support in our community of other business owners hustling every day just like you do.

Where do you get your PR Leads?

Our weekly PR Leads come from industry sources and from long standing relationships our PR team has with journalists, editors and producers from such outlets as the Today Show, People Magazine Good Morning America, Lucky, CBS News, Real Simple Magazine, Inc. Magazine, USA Today and many more. Beyond PR Leads, we also rely on stylists, television and movie studios, and top industry experts and taste-makers to bring you more opportunities and visibility.

I  subscribe to HARO, how do leads from Tin Shingle differ?

Our leads are cultivated and hand selected by our staff to let small businesses in our community pitch to directly. At times, editors and producers contact us for inside information on the best XYZ for their stories. We send leads like this to our members. Also found in the PR Leads center are "Ongoing Leads" with television and magazines, which are story ideas that Premium Members can pitch to at any time.

Can PR professionals join?

Yes. PR professionals who run agencies or are solo enjoy the Premium Membership for connections, leads and the community of others. Our class series cover social media marketing strategies as well as SEO and how to market in search engines. Traditional PR professionals value those classes so that they can have a better understanding of today's digital landscape.


I am a PR professional and would like to feature my clients to your Shopping Guides through my account. Is that OK?

Here is how you can do that: start subscriptions with Tin Shingle for them, and you can manage their accounts to take advantage of opportunities on Tin Shingle such as inclusion in the Shopping Guides, Business Directory, Press Portfolio and Diaries of Small Business Owners. Your own public account on Tin Shingle is designed to showcase your business. Therefore, for the best branding, businesses should have their own subscription accounts with Tin Shingle.


I need help answering leads and pitching the press. What do I do?

Listen to our recorded TuneUp podcast or video classes. All classes are free to Premium Members, and available to the public for a fee. Sign up for a free live version of a TuneUp and ask your questions on the call. Premium Members can ask questions in our private member-only forum that is read by other business owners and marketing professionals


Can I cancel my subscription at any time? Am I locked into monthly payments?

Yes, you may cancel at any time. The Month-to-Month plan allows you to pay as you go per month. The Annual plan allows you to save money (to the tune of 2 free months!) by paying for the full year up front, and the Half-Year plan gets you 1 month free. For either plan, if you cancel mid-way through, your access to your membership tools and any of your editorial content that you created to help you get found in search engines will be accessible until your next billing cycle, and then will de-activate and be unpublished. You can re-activate your membership at any time. Your editorial content will be saved and can be re-published when your membership is active again.


When I post a product or service to the Shopping Guides, Press Portfolio, and Diaries of Small Business Owners, who sees it?

Consumers and the media use Tin Shingle's directories to find amazing businesses. The Directory listings are seen by all readers of Tin Shingle. Your listing is also SEO friendly, meaning, search engines like Google and Bing can recommend it to their readers as well.

How many listings do I get in the Shopping Guides and Press Portfolio?

As many as you like! List your products, service packages, and anything that helps you market your business. These listings will remain on this website for the life of your membership.


How do I land a homepage spread & become a Featured Member?
Being a featured member is included with your membership. You can contact us for a request to be featured member during a certain week if you are promoting something. f the slot is not filled, then we will reserve it for you. Email us at info@tinshingle.com if you are promoting something and know your date. We'd love to schedule you in!


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