Is A Picture Really Worth A Thousands Words?


Most of us are avid instagramers, posting and scrolling through thousands of pictures a week! If you are not, and are a small business owner, you are missing out on a great, easy, and free way to get the word out about what you do. Head on over to this webinar class, free for Tin Shingle members, and learn how to start!

But will a picture really be worth a thousand words if it's never seen?! Instagram started streaming pictures by popularity and not by chronological order late last year. What does that mean? Your picture could actually get lost in the "instaworld" and never reach your target audience, let alone all your followers. The solution? Hashtags! Hashtags are a way to organize posts by topic. In essence, it links your picture with viewers who are looking for content on that topic. Some popular ones now, especially if you live in the north, are #noreaster or #winterbegone. And, don't forget that today is national #PiDay (Get it, 3/14!) Simply put, if you use hashtags, your Instagram posts will get more views.  However, there are even more tips to get the most amount of views from the people you want to see them.

Tin Shingle provides a members only tool, The Instagram Hashtag Sheet, that continues to unclutter the many hashtags, teaching you which are popular and have the most success. We recently updated and added to our list to provide the best tools for your buzz building skills.  If you don't see a topic or category you like in the sheet, email me at

Happy posting!

Other new hashtags added:

#HowISummer - promoted in bon appétit upcoming June edition of their print magazine

#DoAnything - videos for things that don't come with manuals